Dialogue with Employees 2019 for Realization of 2022V

Dialogue with Stakeholders
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Playing an SDGs card game
Playing an SDGs card game

At Sumitomo Riko, in promoting CSR management we recognize the importance of two-way communication between management and employees who are stakeholders. We have been holding Dialogues with Employees as opportunities for communication since fiscal 2013. The Dialogue with Employees 2019 was the fourth dialogue.
In fiscal 2018, on the theme "Toward realization of 2022V," employees and management discussed what actions should be taken to share the vision and realize 2022V. The dialogue was held at the JP TOWER NAGOYA Hall & Conference. Attending the dialogue were Executive Vice President Yoji Suzuki, Senior Managing Executive Officer Takehiro Ohashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer Hirohisa Maeda, Senior Managing Executive Officer Kazushi Shimizu, Managing Executive Officer Taro Noda, Outside Director Mariko Miyagi, and 30 employees from business units, sales departments, and staff departments of Sumitomo Riko and Group companies. They vigorously exchanged opinions about the "ideal future of Sumitomo Riko."
The event started with a presentation by the Corporate Social Responsibility Department titled "The Sumitomo Spirit and SDGs—Toward Realization of 2022V." Then, the participants including the executives were divided into six teams and played an SDGs card game to learn about the SDGs. Following the icebreaking, each team had a group discussion and a dialogue between management and employees was held.

What are Our Challenges for Realization of 2022V?


For group discussion, participants were divided into six teams, and each team consisting of an executive and employees discussed "current situations and challenges for realization of 2022V," "ideas for resolving challenges," and "proposals for realization of 2022V" and made a presentation.
The main subjects were work style reform, reform of the corporate culture, globalization, diversity, optimization of investment of resources, and the degree of seriousness in addressing global environmental issues.

How to Achieve Innovation in View of the SDGs?


Based on the results of discussion presented by each team, management and employees exchanged opinions from their respective standpoints on the theme “How to achieve innovation as a B2B company (outside-in business for SDGs).” (Listed below is a summary of the opinion examples expressed.)

Opinion examples


  • SDGs may trigger rapid change in the needs of society and of customers and taking no action poses a great risk. Think of this risk as opportunity and take action.
  • As an automotive-related company based in Aichi Prefecture, we would like to contribute to reduction of traffic accidents by linking Smart Rubber pulse sensors with hospitals.


  • Explore the application of Smart Rubber sensors, such as for sensing walking pressure so as to illuminate only the necessary area for energy saving and sensing of the risk of a landslide.
  • By linking pulse sensors with physicians we would like to help prevent deterioration of healthy life expectancy and reduce the healthcare burden.

Create an Open Corporate Culture

To wrap up the dialogue, Outside Director Mariko Miyagi, sent the message below to the employees who participated in the dialogue.

Message from Outside Director

Mariko Miyagi, Outside Director, addressing the participants

Change in the environment is an opportunity for growth. Diversity will bring about out-of-the-box thinking that leads to greater value creation. For this purpose, it is necessary to cultivate an open corporate culture. Your personal growth propels the Company's growth. I encourage you to vigorously meet people outside the Company too so as to cultivate personal relationships and enhance your value creation capabilities for the future of Sumitomo Riko.

Sumitomo Riko will continue dialogues between management and employees so as to join forces to realize the vision on the basis of mutual understanding. Dialogues with Employees will continue to play a vital role in creation of social value.

(Held on February 1, 2019. The positions and titles of participants are as of the time of the dialogue.)