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Protecting people's livelihoods; Sumitomo Riko's earthquake countermeasure systems "TRC Damper". Used in a variety of buildings, from wooden housing through to high-rise buildings, this system absorbs the shaking during earthquakes and greatly reduces the shaking of buildings. Furthermore, "Refleshine", our highly transparent reflecting and insulating film for windows, is not just used in factories and offices, but can also be found on trains, providing a comfortable living space wherever it is used. Using our unique viscoelastic rubber, these thin and compact dampers are effective earthquake countermeasure for high-rise buildings, including office buildings and condominiums. Their thinness and compactness are also features.

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Anti-seismic and Damping Devices

Sumitomo Riko is also deploying its polymer materials technology in devices for the housing environment. TRC damper is able to reduce the shaking and deformation caused to buildings during earthquakes. A special viscoelastic rubber, developed using our advanced compounding technology, used in the dampers reduce shaking by instantly converting earthquake energy into thermal energy.

1Seismic control systems for buildings "TRC Damper" (for office buildings and condominiums)

Using our unique viscoelastic rubber, this is an effective earthquake countermeasure system for high-rise buildings including office buildings and condominiums. Its thinness and compactness are also features.

2Seismic control systems for wooden houses "TRC Damper"

Seismic control system to reduce damage to wooden houses during earthquakes. The energy from earthquakes is instantly converted to thermal energy to reduce shaking. These dampers are not only suitable for new houses, but can also be applied to existing structures, and they are effective against repetitive quakes such as from after shocks.

3Dampers for traffic vibration mitigation "Multi-type TMD:Tuned Mass Damper"

This device reduces the lateral shaking caused by nearby traffic or other sources of vibration inside or outside the house. Its mass moves in the direction opposite to that of the vibration of the building, thus canceling the vibration.

4Heavy Floor Impact Noise Countering Dampers

This device reduces noise from the floor above, for example, the noise of children jumping or people walking around, by the complex damping effect of springs, mass, and high-damping rubber. It absorbs vibration and mutes noise transmitted to lower floors in condominiums and two-family houses.

Window Films

Window films with high transparency, reflecting and insulating against heat "Refleshine"

This window film keeps heat from sunshine out in summer (heat shielding) and stops indoor heat from escaping in winter (heat insulation). It is transparent but also maintains safety if the glass breaks, improving comfort year-round near the windows and contributing to savings in air-conditioning power. There is also expanding use in train windows, not just in buildings.

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Concrete Molds

Concrete molds "MOLD STAR"

These concrete molds have been widely used in construction and building. The exteriors of buildings can be decorated beautifully and given personality by adding these richly designed molds along with concrete placers.

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