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Basic Approach

In addition to working to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, the Sumitomo Riko Group is also committed to solving social issues through business (CSV: Creating Shared Value), including the development of environmentally friendly products and technologies that comply with environmental regulations. Most of our products are environmentally friendly products, such as anti-vibration rubber and sound insulation products that reduce vibration and noise, and hoses that prevent gasoline and oil volatilization. However, we are also actively working to develop products that respond to new environmental issues such as climate change and contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

BEV Compatible Products (Anti-vibration rubber, hoses, sound insulation products)

Our BEV-compatible products such as anti-vibration rubber, hoses, and sound insulation products have been adopted for use in the bZ4X (Battery Electric Vehicle: BEV).

FCEV Compatible Products (FC stack "Fuel Cell Gasket")

Our company developed a rubber sealing material "Fuel Cell Gasket" for fuel cell (FC) stacks installed in fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs herein after). The development of cells using these gaskets has realized higher performance, smaller and lighter FC stacks, and secured long-term reliability of FC, and these gaskets have been continuously used in Toyota Motor Corporation's FCEV "MIRAI" from the first generation model in 2014 to the new model in 2021. We will contribute to the further spread and development of MIRAI, the ultimate eco-car that uses hydrogen as its energy source and emits only water while driving.

Non-petroleum-based products (Biohydrin Rubber)

We have developed biohydrin rubber in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation and ZEON Corporation. Using plant-based raw materials, it is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 20% over the life cycle from production to disposal compared to conventional petroleum-based hydrin rubber, while ensuring quality and mass productivity equivalent to those of petroleum-based hydrin rubber.

Automobile fuel efficiency improvement products (Low Specific Gravity EPDM hose)

Close-up of lightweight materials and graphical image of hose cross-section
Close-up of lightweight materials and graphical image of hose cross-section
Low specific gravity EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) hose was developed to reduce component weight and can be applied to a variety of hoses, including water system hoses such as water bypass hoses and radiator hoses. While its strength, durability, heat resistance, insulation, and other properties are equivalent to those of conventional EPDM hoses, the newly developed compound design with lightweight reinforcing materials has achieved a weight reduction of approximately 20%. By switching to our low specific gravity EPDM, a weight reduction of approximately 1kg* per vehicle will be possible.

* According to Sumitomo Riko's own trial results.

Automobile fuel efficiency improvement products (Resin Filler Neck Module)

The filler piping that leads automobile fuel to the fuel tank has been replaced from metal to resin, resulting in a weight reduction of approximately 40% compared to conventional metal hoses. This weight reduction contributes to improved fuel efficiency of automobiles.
In addition, the resin filler neck module has excellent low fuel permeability (fuel does not easily seep through the resin/rubber piping) and complies with environmental regulations. Furthermore, our unique processing technology has realized a bent shape design that enhances smooth fuel supply, and at the same time, the flexible bellows design assumes vehicle collision, contributing to automobile safety performance.

De-VOC products (Photosensitive water-developed flexographic plates "AquaGreen®")

Flexographic printing is a printing method using a soft rubber letterpress. Our AquaGreen® is an environmentally friendly flexographic plate that can be developed with water (most other companies use solvents) and is friendly to the global environment and the working environment, with the added values of high definition, high productivity, and less wasted liquid.

Energy-saving products (High transparency thermal barrier/insulation film "Refleshine™")

"Refleshine™" is a highly functional transparent film that saves energy simply by being attached to the inside of a window. This product has been widely used in railroad cars and buildings because of its high transparency, heat-shielding and heat-insulating effects. The films have excellent infrared reflective performance, which allow natural light to enter without blocking it, reduce air-conditioning power consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Thermal insulation material (Thin-film high heat insulation material "Finesulight®")

Finesulight®, developed by our company, is a thin-film material with high heat insulation properties. We are promoting its application to manufacturing sites, living room spaces, facilities, and as various products. By installing Finesulight® around heat sources and other locations, we can increase thermal efficiency in factories and facilities, and can reduce the operating rate of air conditioning. Also, energy consumption such as fuel and electricity can be reduced, leading to a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with business activities. This will encourage carbon neutrality for our customers and we will be able to contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.
Aluminum melting furnace before installation (left)/ Finesulight is applied around aluminum melting furnace (right)
In addition, Finesulight®, a thin-film high thermal insulation material, received the Aichi Invention Award in the 2022 Aichi Invention Awards sponsored by the Aichi Prefecture Institute of Invention and Innovation.


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