Disclosure Policy and Archives

Shareholders and Investors, Customers, Suppliers and Other Trade Partners, Employees, Local Communities, Global Environment

Disclosure Policy

The Purpose

To appropriately disclose information on public value (non-financial) to investors, customers, business partners, students, employees, and other stakeholders, so that they can understand and evaluate the company and enhance its corporate value.

Page Structure

The page consists of 1) Message from the president and CEO, 2) Our Philosophy, 3) Sustainability Management, 4) Sustainability Activities, (ESG Activity Report); and 5) Sustainability information. As for 4), efforts are made to show the PDCA cycle of activities with reference to the GRI management approach (See GRI Content Index).

Related information

Scope of coverage

From April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 (FY2022). However, some of the information includes prior years and FY2023.

Renewal Date

July 31, 2023

Report Frequency


External Standards Reference

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and others

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