Three Directions and Materiality toward 2029

We have determined three directions and six materialities that we must address to realize our vision of becoming a "Leading solution provider taking on social challenges by collecting whole resources of Sumitomo Riko and its partners" by the year 2029.
The times are changing at an accelerating pace, and technology is evolving at a remarkable pace, making it difficult to foresee the future. The reason why we have chosen "Direction" rather than "Strategy" as the company-wide policy for the realization of the "2029 Sumitomo Riko Group Vision" is to promptly respond to such changes in the environment. We expect each employee of the Group to make decisions and take actions autonomously to realize our future vision.

Three Directions and Materiality toward 2029
  • Developing People and Peers who Pioneer the Future

    1. Providing training opportunities to promote individual growth and fostering a corporate culture full of job satisfaction

      The Sumitomo Riko Group recognizes that human capital is one of its most important management resources, and is promoting human resource education based on the belief that "human resources development is at the heart of every successful business strategy." In the future, as the skills required of employees become more diverse and specialized, employees will be expected to develop their abilities through training and other educational programs, and at the same time, employees themselves will be required to improve themselves to become human resources needed by the company.
      Also, looking to achieve a virtuous cycle that improves employee satisfaction alongside corporate profits, we aim to become a company where employees are motivated to work.

    2. Promote Co-Creation through Internal and External Partnerships

      We will take collaboration within the company and outside the company beyond the level of studying a specific issue or conducting joint research, and involve even our customers to create new values by sharing a common vision of what we both want to become.
      In order to achieve this, we will continue to create value-creating associates who share our company's purpose and the vision of the future society we should aim for, transcending the barriers between departments, companies, industries, academia, and government.

  • Building a Flexible and Strong Organization

    1. Business Activities that Consider Climate Change and Natural Capital

      Companies will be increasingly required to take responsibility not only for climate change, including global warming, but also for the restoration of natural capital, particularly biodiversity.
      The Sumitomo Riko Group views climate change and natural capital initiatives as an opportunity for business reform, and will respond to new business opportunities, reform its operations, and develop new technologies.

    2. Transformation into a Management Foundation that can Flexibly Respond to Changes in the Environment

      We will continue to strengthen S (Safety), E (Environment), C (Compliance), and Q (Quality), as well as continue to promote Risk Management Measures in our overseas operations.
      To further develop our group's strengths, we will accelerate Manufacturing Innovation and Global Business Infrastructure using DX to increase productivity. Aiming for a stable profit structure and a strong financial base, we will implement business structure reforms, review our business portfolio, and make various investment decisions with an awareness of improving capital cost and capital efficiency.

  • Creating Value for a Sustainable Society

    1. Responding to next generation mobility and Providing Environmentally Friendly Products

      In response to diversifying customer values, we will uncover latent needs that stem from social issues. We will take on the challenge of maximizing customer value with a view to merging the technologies of the Sumitomo Riko Group and providing services that expand on conventional manufacturing.

    2. Evolution and integration of technologies to expand provision of safety and comfort

      We will execute global sales strategies in line with the shift toward electric vehicles by each region and each automaker, and strengthen our response to the increasing demand for infrastructure in emerging and developing countries. We will also promote the development of new products for the next generation mobility society and environmentally conscious society.



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