Environmental Communication

Shareholders and Investors, Suppliers and Other Trade Partners, Employees, Local Communities

Basic Approach

The Sumitomo Riko Group promotes environmental conservation activities by exchanging and sharing information not only with internal employees but also with all stakeholders, including group companies, business partners, local communities, and governments.
However, we believe that environmental issues are not limited to individual company issues such as global warming countermeasures, air and water pollution countermeasures, and biodiversity, but that it is also important to recognize stakeholders who are affected by our business.

Environmental Communication within Sumitomo Riko

Environment Month Activities

June 5 is the World Environment Day designated by the United Nations. Sumitomo Riko has designated June as "Environment Month" and holds events to promote environmental conservation efforts.
  • Group-wide Environmental Conference
  • Commendation of environmental conservation activities
  • Environmental lectures by experts and specialists
  • Environment-related activities at each plant
  • Dissemination of management news related to Environmental Month
  • Display of environmental awareness posters

Holding of Group-wide Environmental Conference

Sumitomo Riko holds a group-wide environmental conference every year with the participation of all employees, including the president, in order to raise awareness of the environmental commitments made by management and to raise awareness of environmental conservation activities among employees.
President's Speech
Main Venue

Internal requests for Environmental Conservation Case Studies and Awards

To raise employee awareness of and motivation for environmental conservation activities, we have established an internal requests for environmental conservation case studies and a commendation system. In FY2022, we received 82 applications from the entire group and commended 16 particularly outstanding cases. We have also created a collection of case studies, which are shared within the Group and with external industry associations.
Commemorative photo of Environmental Award winners
Sumitomo Riko (Komaki Head Office)
Commemorative photo of Environmental Award winners
TRFH Co., Ltd. (China)

Education and Training on Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation is the basis of our business activities, and in order to promote proactive efforts and raise awareness, we explain the importance and necessity of environmental conservation in various in-house education and training programs. We have increased the number of environmental conservation training programs in our "Human Resources Development Program," which systematizes various types of education and training, and strengthens environmental education.

Case Study

Environmental Lecture1
Environmental Lecture2
Environmental Lecture
In FY2022, we held an environmental lecture meeting with Ms. Lisa Oya from Toyota Motor Corporation as a lecturer. Approximately 110 people, including executives, attended the event and understood the importance of working toward carbon neutrality and a circular economy, and the necessity of doing so as a company.

Environmental Communication with Group Companies

Environmental audit of overseas bases by the Global Promotion Office
In order to eliminate environmental risks at domestic and overseas Group companies, the Sumitomo Riko Group regularly visits our bases to inspect compliance with environmental laws and regulations, and to check the status of environmental conservation management. This activity started in 2016, and in fiscal 2022, we inspected the environmental management systems of 6 Chinese and 2 European companies, and provided advice for improvement.

Environmental Communication with Local Communities

In order to promote mutual understanding and coexistence with local communities through communication with neighboring areas, Komaki and Matsusaka plants, which are adjacent to residential areas, we hold community liaison meetings with leaders of neighboring community associations. During these meetings, we also exchange information on local environmental conservation.

Environmental Communication with Government

We believe it is important to contribute to the promotion of national environmental policies through communication with government agencies. For example, through the Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association and the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association, we strive to exchange opinions with related ministries and agencies.

Examples of External Awards

Certificate of commendation from IEAT
Environmental Governance Award (Thailand)
SumiRiko Chemical and Plastic Products (Thailand) Ltd. (SRK-CP) received the Environmental Governance (Green Star) Award 2017 from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) for being a company with excellent environmental, safety, and CSR activities. IEAT, a state enterprise under the Ministry of Industry, is responsible for the development and establishment of industrial zones, for their total operation and management, and for the provision of public utilities and infrastructure to them.
Commemorative photo at external award presentation ceremony
Modal Shift Awards (Japan)
In recognition of its efforts in achieving a modal shift to marine transport, which includes the transport of automotive hoses and other products by ferry, SumiRiko Logitech Company Limited (Komaki, Aichi Prefecture) received the FY2019 Award for Excellent Business Operator in Modal Shift Initiatives in the 6th Modal Shift Awards of the Japan Association for Logistics and Transport in November 2019. It was also selected as an FY2019 Eco Ship Mark Excellent Business Entity by the Eco-ship and Modal Shift Project Organizing Committee in late February 2020 and received the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Maritime Bureau Director-General’s Award.

Future Issues and Responses

Sumitomo Riko Group's aspirations for 2050 (the realization of a decarbonized society, a resource-recycling society, and a society in harmony with nature) represent the demands of society and the contributions we must make, which makes it important to listen to the voices of our stakeholders.
In addition to our traditional dialogue within the company and with local residents and government, we will communicate with a wide range of stakeholders by disseminating information on our activities on our website and through direct dialogue. We will strive to make use of this information in the environmental activities of the Sumitomo Riko Group.


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