Sumitomo Riko

Research and Development


Sumitomo Riko's Core Competencies

Based on the technologies of compounding, synthesizing, and modifying, our "Polymer Materials Technology" gives form to superior functional materials and creates products with exceptionally high added value.
On top of this is our "Comprehensive Evaluation Technology" that enables us to evaluate and verify the required performance and reliability by ourselves.
With these strengths supporting research and development at Sumitomo Riko as our core competencies, we are reaching out to new markets and regions, as well as aggressively expanding our existing business. We continue our challenge to create value that plays a vital role for people, society, and the earth's environment.

Sumitomo Riko's Technologies

The properties and characteristics required of products are becoming more sophisticated, with more demands for safety, comfort, and environmental compliance. One of Sumitomo Riko's core competencies is "Polymer Materials Technology", which is based on the technologies of compounding, synthesizing, and modifying, and we will use this to provide solutions to the demands of society through research and development to create new functional materials and parts.

Photosensitive water-washable AquaGreen Flexo Plate
Fine Elastomers Business
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Sumitomo Riko


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