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Message from the Officer in Charge

Shinichi Waku
Director and Managing Executive Officer
We are fully committed to a carbon-neutral circular economy toward a future where everyone can enjoy a comfortable life.
Global warming caused by greenhouse gases, resource depletion due to mass consumption, and destruction of nature due to deforestation and plastic pollution in the oceans are common global issues. We are committed to carbon neutrality and a circular economy. However, as shown in the Synthesis Report for the Sixth Assessment Report of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), measures to combat global warming are inadequate, and more efforts and initiatives are needed than ever before.
We also feel a sense of crisis that we will lose our future if we do not seriously address the issues of resource depletion and destruction of nature. This year, we formulated the Long-term Environmental Vision 2050 and the Mid- and Long-term Environmental Targets “Environment 2029V”.
As the officer in charge, I am committed, more than ever before, to leading the environmental conservation activities of the Sumitomo Riko Group to meet these challenges and visions.
The role and responsibility of companies in creating a sustainable society is significant. We will not be left behind but rather will be a leader in the world. We will contribute to the creation of a global environment for a future in which our families, children, and descendants can live safely and comfortably with smiles on their faces.

Approach to Environmental Activities

With "Global Excellent Manufacturing Company" in mind, the Sumitomo Riko Group is united in its business activities to become "a leading company that continues to provide solutions to social issues”.
As stated in our Corporate Action Charter, "Recognizing that global environmental issues pose challenges to all humankind, and that it is an integral part of our existence and activities, we shall proactively tackle these issues.", we will contribute to global environmental conservation in the spirit of practicing activities that contribute to society and aim to build a sustainable society. In order to realize this policy, we will establish an environmental management system, and in addition to working to reduce environmental burden and environmental risks in our business activities, we will also actively develop environmentally friendly products and technologies that comply with environmental regulations.

Environmental Philosophy

Basic Policy

The Sumitomo Riko Group intends to always do business with natural environment preservation in mind. We will stick to social expectations and rules, and carry out all the activities from product development, design, procurement, production, logistics, sales to waste disposal under the principles of “MOTTAINAI” and “OMOIYARI.” Sumitomo Riko also aims to formulate a sustainable society while contributing to global environment preservation under the spirit of social contribution.

Action Guideline

1. Make the environmental preservation deep rooted activities in our corporate culture and encourage all employees to participate.
2. Encourage the entire Sumitomo Riko group to be involved in the preservation activities.
3. Develop Sumitomo Riko's own improvement plan besides complying with environment related regulations imposed by national and municipal governments to lower the environmental load.
4. Establish targets and goals for environmental protection and carry them out systematically and continuously.
5. Make efforts to develop products and a production system with low environmental loads and push forward with more active environmental protection activities.
6. Disclose environmental related information and promote opinion exchange in local community and society.

Environmental Promotion Structure

The CSR Sustainability Committee deliberates and approves policies and the status of environmental activities throughout the Sumitomo Riko Group. This environmental structure oversees our global environmental activities.

Establishment of Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

The Sumitomo Riko Group is promoting the establishment of ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems, at its production bases in Japan and overseas, and is engaged in continuous environmental improvement activities. The number of certified bases is 11 in Japan and 39 overseas, covering 98% of the Group's total sales. 

Medium-term Targets for Environmental Activities

Every three to five years, we set medium-term targets and promote company-wide activities to resolve these issues. In our previous mid-term management vision "2022V," we set environmental targets for greenhouse gas reduction and waste reduction. 2022 is the final year of the vision, and we have been working toward achieving these targets and promoting activities to become carbon neutral.
As a result, progress in FY2022 was achieved for both greenhouse gas and waste reduction targets.
In order to achieve the numerical targets for 2029V established this time, we have backcasted and determined the targets for FY2023.

Medium-Term Environmental Targets (2022V) and Achievements in FY2022

Items 2022V Targets Results in FY2022 Judgement
Greenhouse gas reduction 8% reduction (compared to FY2017 intensity) 32.4% reduction
Reduction of waste (excluding valuable resources) 5% reduction (compared to FY2017 intensity) 30.6% reduction
Notes ✓:Target Achieved  ×:Target Not Achieved

FY2022 Results for Key Environmental Issues

Items Targets Results Judgement
Greenhouse gas reduction Total emissions reduced by 5.0% compared to FY2017 21.1% reduction
Energy reduction 1.0% reduction compared to FY2021 on an intensity basis 21.8% reduction
Introduction of solar power panels 1.9MW or more 4.2MW
Waste reduction (excluding valuable resources) Total emissions reduced by 5.0% compared to FY2017 19.0% reduction
Waste Recycling rate Recycle rate 80% or more 70% ×
VOCs reduction Below actual emissions in FY2017 at Sumitomo Riko 57% reduction
Chemical substances management Continue to comply with new regulations Compliance with revised Chemical Substances Control Law,
EU REACH, and revised TSCA banned substances
Environmental incidents No legal violations or complaints 4 cases of legal violations, 0 complaints ×
Notes ✓:Target Achieved  ×:Target Not Achieved

Plan for FY2023

Items Targets Plans
Greenhouse gas reduction 14.0% reduction (Total emissions compared to FY 2018) Ensure implementation of reduction themes and build on reductions through energy efficiency audits, etc.
Energy reduction 1.5% reduction (compared to FY2022 intensity)
Introduction of renewable energy 0.3% increase (compared to FY2022 renewable energy ratio) Planned introduction of solar power panels and consideration of acquiring of “Renewable Energy Certificates”
Waste reduction (excluding valuable resources) 1.0% reduction (compared to FY2022 intensity) Reduction of defects, improvement of yield ratio, and promotion of valuable resources
Waste Recycling rate Recycling rate of 80% or more Continuous implementation for recycling
VOCs reduction Reduce emissions at Sumitomo Riko below the previous year's level Continuous implementation for VOCs reduction
Chemical substances management Continuous compliance with new regulations Early acquisition of new regulations and internal development
Environmental incidents Zero serious accidents, legal violations and complaints Continual base audits and dissemination of information on environmental laws and regulations, etc.
Reduction of water intake 1.0% reduction (from total FY2022) Promote highly efficient use and recycling of water
* The denominator used for the intensity for each performance indicator is net sales.
* Details of each issue are shown on the related pages.

Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations

The Sumitomo Riko Group strives to ensure thorough compliance with environmental laws and regulations. However, in FY2022, there were four cases of legal violations at domestic and overseas bases. (Exceeding effluent standards: China, delay in submitting reports to the government: Thailand, un-notified relocation of specified facilities: Japan, and exceeding waste storage deadlines: China) From now on, we will promote improvement activities to prevent recurrence and aim for zero environmental incidents.
To ensure thorough compliance with environmental laws and regulations at each base, the Regional Environmental Task Force, attended by environmental managers from each base in Japan, explains revised environmental laws and regulations and introduces examples of violations found at other bases, thereby encouraging voluntary checks.
As for overseas, in China, where environmental regulations are rapidly being tightened, information on environmental regulations obtained from an environmental consulting firm is distributed weekly to our Chinese bases to inform them of the revised laws and encourage them to consider countermeasures. In addition, we regularly visit our domestic and overseas bases to check the status of compliance with laws and regulations and to prevent any violations.
We have also prepared "Environmental Management Guidelines," which explain the principles of environmental management, our approach to environmental management, and how to deal with problems when they occur. They are used as educational materials for heads of bases and executives posted overseas, as well as environmental personnel at bases. In addition, we have also prepared and published "Environmentally Friendly Construction Guidelines," which outlines the environmental considerations to be made in the construction work ordered by each base, in an effort to not only comply with the law but also to avoid inconveniencing neighboring communities.

Future Issues and Responses

We have 56 global production bases. Sumitomo Riko’s Environmental Promotion Department, in cooperation with the Carbon Neutral Promotion Office and Global Promotion Office, provides instructions and exchanges information on environmental activities directly with these bases through the Mother Business Headquarters.
With recent environmental regulations and increasing demands for conservation activities, the environmental management of the Sumitomo Riko Group needs to be further upgraded. Therefore, we will continue to exchange information, monitor the status of activities, and communicate with each other in order to realize our Long-Term Environmental Vision for 2050.


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