Vision of the Future Society We Want to Realize

Our Vision for the Future Society

In formulating the "2029 Sumitomo Riko Group Vision," we examined the vision of the future society that we would like to realize. In creating this long-term vision, we set a vision of the society we would like to realize in this era of "Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity," which is abbreviated as VUCA, rather than trying to predict the future. And we have set the issues to be addressed by the Sumitomo Riko Group. The desired social vision was discussed by management, mid-level employees, and members of the labor union in employee dialogues. Scenario planning was utilized by mid-level employees.

The vision of the future society that the Sumitomo Riko Group wants to realize is a "Green & Pleasant Society Connecting the Nature, City and People." As a perspective that we should address, we have set the tasks for a "Green" and "Comfortable" society toward the year 2029.

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  • Secure Stable Food Supply
  • Realization of a Healthy and Long-lived Society
  • Implementation of Smart Cities and MaaS
  • Personal Management through Sensing Technology
  • Respond to a Decarbonized and Recycling-Oriented Society
  • Emergence of a Variety of Electric Vehicles
  • Emergence of Fully-Automated Driving
  • Effective Use of Airspace (Drones/Cars)
  • Build resilient infrastructure
  • Respond to a Hydrogen Society
  • Spread of Renewable Energy
  • Pleasant+Green

Automobiles, which have pursued safety performance, driving performance, and other comfort features, are expected to change in response to changing mobility needs driven by diverse values. In addition to such changes in automobiles, we will address issues such as changes in infrastructure and lifestyles. We look to realize affluent lifestyles alongside green and sustainable urban spaces.



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