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Giving Valuable Experiences to the Generation who will Lead the Future
Sumitomo Riko supports the young people who will pave the way to the future by providing Experience-based Programs and awards in the hope that they will have as many valuable experiences as possible, which are meaningful to them while they are still young.

SDGs Student Essay Award by Sumitomo Riko

The "SDGs Student Essay Award by Sumitomo Riko" is a program that began in 2015 as a new social contribution activity to commemorate the change of the company name to Sumitomo Riko, and is positioned as a "project to support young people who will lead the future."  (The name of the program at the time of its establishment was "Sumitomo Riko Student Essay Award.)
The award is intended to provide a forum for students from all over Japan to learn about social issues, help with the creation of a sustainable society, discuss the results of their thinking, and to contribute to the growth of young people by broadening their perspectives.

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Cooperation with Nagaoka University of Technology Support for the international conference "7th STI-Gigaku2022"

STI-Gigaku2022 group photo (November 2022)
We participated in, sponsored, and donated to the 7th International Conference on "Science of Technology Innovation" (7th STI-Gigaku 2022), an international conference organized by Nagaoka University of Technology in collaboration with technical colleges, companies, and local governments, with the aim of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The purpose of this initiative is to contribute to new technological innovation and problem solving that will contribute to the SDGs and, to a large extent, to foster human resources who will lead the future, in collaboration with Nagaoka University of Technology, which is strongly promoting the SDGs as the only hub university in East Asia appointed by the United Nations.
Based on the 2030 Development Agenda "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" (17 goals and 169 targets), this international conference will discuss various goals for sustainable development such as energy, climate change, poverty and hunger, and discuss possible ways to solve these issues.
In the poster session, participants made poster and English presentations on activities that lead to solutions regarding the SDGs, and the results of joint research between the National College of Technology and Nagaoka University of Technology.
In FY2022, 10 "Best Poster Awards by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited" (Sumitomo Riko Award) were given to the best presentations to help promote students' efforts to achieve the SDGs.


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