Contribution to Diversity

Employees, Local Communities

Aiming for a society where people can live “as they are”
Sumitomo Riko is supporting the creation of a society where people can live "as they are" by making the most of their diversity and eliminating physical and mental barriers.

School Preparatory School for Foreign Children

In cooperation with the Komaki International Association, Sumitomo Riko offers a "School Preparatory School (Preschool)" for children with foreign roots living in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, who are about to enter elementary school.
This is a preparatory school for preschool children with foreign parents, teaching them how to read and write Japanese and the rules of elementary school life so that they can quickly adapt to life at a Japanese elementary school. Classes are conducted by citizen volunteers, who learn how to teach and prepare teaching materials at instructor training courses held during the summer and winter.
In fiscal 2022, the 13th of its kind, 51 children participated in this school.
In order to contribute to the children's happy school life and healthy growth, Sumitomo Riko will continue to implement this activity that will bring smiles to the children's faces.

Support for the Japanese Language Learning Support Fund

In Aichi Prefecture, where Sumitomo Riko's head office is located, the number of "foreign children in need of Japanese language instruction" is the highest in Japan. With the increasing number of children becoming multinational and living outside the catchment area, it continues to be difficult for schools alone to handle children who cannot speak Japanese, and Japanese language study supported by local NPOs and other organizations is playing an important role.
Sumitomo Riko sees its support for the creation of a system to support the Japanese language learning of children with foreign roots, who will be important future leaders of local communities, as an investment in the future, and is making a donation in support of this fund established by Aichi Prefecture.

Support for Ai-Pic

As a sponsor, we support the Aichi Prefecture Sports Federation of Special Needs Schools (22 member schools) in organizing track and field, basketball, flying disc, and soccer tournaments (commonly known as "Ai-Pic").


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