Activities of Sumitomo Riko Group Overseas

Employees, Local Communities

Developing Unique Activities as a Global Company in each country based on Our Philosophy
In overseas offices, Sumitomo Riko is developing activities for each country in line with our corporate philosophy on corporate citizenship and activities policy.

SRK-OH donates land

- Land donated to local municipality for Soccer Stadium
As part of its 35th anniversary celebration, SumiRiko Ohio, Inc. (SRK-OH), a group company headquartered in Ohio, USA, donated a portion of its land (approximately 25,000 ㎡) to the local government as a token of gratitude to its local employees and the community that has supported the company for 35 years.
The village of Bluffton, Ohio, where SRK-OH is located, is a small village with a population of about 4,000, yet the youth soccer population is as high as 200 and the soccer fever is extremely high. The existing site was not large enough to hold soccer tournaments, so they have been renting a site at a local university to hold the tournament. A new soccer stadium to be built on the donated land is being considered to be named after SRK-OH.
Ceremony of donation
Site to be turned into a soccer field

Scholarship Program at Group Companies in China

With the aim of contributing to the youth of the Sumitomo Riko Group in China and providing international support, we launched a scholarship program in 2011.
Tokai Rubber (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. provides scholarships to students with excellent grades and financial difficulties at the Tongji Zhejiang College, which is a local university. In addition, Tokai Rubber (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. provides scholarships to 25 outstanding high school and middle school students with financial difficulties who are enrolled in the No. 1 Middle School, which is located in the locality of the plant.


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