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Internal Dialogue 2023 for the Study of the “Vision of Society” We Should Aim for

Sumitomo Riko believes that two-way communication between management and employees as stakeholders is important in promoting CSR and sustainability management. The "Employee Dialogue" was held for the fifth time as a forum for this communication.
In fiscal year 2022, under the theme of "The Vision of Society We Should Aim for," the mid-level employees who are formulating the next long-term vision "2029 Sumitomo Riko Group Vision (2029V)," management and the labor union discussed the Social Image, Roles & Issues of Sumitomo Riko. A total of 30 people including President & CEO Shimizu, Senior Managing Executive Officer Oshima, Managing Executive Officer Yamane, Outside Director Miyagi, mid-level employees, and executives of the labor union participated in the meeting at JP Tower Nagoya Hall & Conference.

Be the initiator of change, not the waiter

Today, it is difficult to foresee changes in the business environment. Therefore, in 2029V, we have decided not to forecast the future, but rather to first define the Social Vision that Sumitomo Riko should aim for in the long term, and then set our roles and the issues to be solved by 2029.
The mid-level employees who were formulating 2029V were divided into four theme groups of "Climate Change," "Safety and Comfort," "Global," and "Human Resources." They conducted scenario planning, and each team made a presentation on the day about their vision of society and the role and challenges of Sumitomo Riko.
The participants actively exchanged opinions asking such questions as “Can we make the best use of Sumitomo Riko’s strengths?,” “What kind of co-creation with other companies is necessary?” and “What should we change?”

Green & Pleasant Society Connecting the Nature, City and People

After summarizing the reports and discussions of each team, we decided that our vision of society is "Green & pleasant society connecting the nature, city and people." 2029V will serve as an intermediate step toward the realization of this vision, and we will organize the direction of the Sumitomo Riko Group toward 2029 and key issues to be tackled.

What is the role of Sumitomo Riko and its Purpose?

In discussing and sharing the role of Sumitomo Riko, we recognized the need to clarify our answers to these questions, "What is the Purpose of Sumitomo Riko?” “What have we done so far? “and “What can we do for the future?” in 2029V, and the need to convey them to our employees.
Participant's opinion (Labor union, officer)
  • I could understand that mid-level employees are thinking seriously and working hard.
  • I think that we could realize important issues because we work seriously together. If we could have other opportunities like this, mutual understanding among employees would be deepened.
  • Can the company consider a place where employees can seriously exchange opinions with each other, separated from their work duties in the future?
  • I had a great time talking with the board members about the vision and also about the labor union.
  • It was very informative for me to learn even a little bit about how the company's vision was created and how it will be decided in the future.
This year, we utilized employee dialogue as a process for formulating our long-term vision. We will continue to make this an important forum for the creation of social value by deepening the dialogue between management and employees, so that both sides can discuss the future of the company and join forces.

The 8th SDGs Student Essay Award by Sumitomo Riko

Group photo at the round-table conference for the winners (January, 2023)
The "SDGs Student Essay Award by Sumitomo Riko" is a new social contribution program launched in 2015 to commemorate the change of Sumitomo Riko's trade name and to position the program as "a project to support young people who will lead the future." (The name of the program at the time of its establishment was "Sumitomo Riko Student Essay Award.")
The award is intended to provide a forum for students from all over Japan to learn about social issues and to learn about the creation of a sustainable society. It is also for discussing the results of their thinking, and to contribute to the growth of young people by broadening their perspectives.
In FY2022, we invited papers on the theme of "How to Change a Company Through its Purpose? - Why is Significance of Existence Necessary?" As for judging, in addition to the Screening Committee Chairman, Yukari Takamura (Professor, Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo) and other experts, Sumitomo Riko Group employees also participated in the preliminary screening, with the aim of incorporating young people's thoughts and suggestions into management. Seven winning essays were selected, including the Grand Award, Grand Runner-up, Excellence Award and Judges' Special Award. In January, a round-table discussion was held with the eight students who received the Grand Award, Runner-up Award, and Excellence Award, members of the judging committee and executives of our Company.
During the round-table discussion, each of the winning students gave a presentation on their essay. Afterwards, the winners were interviewed, and they gave us their feedback about each company’s purpose and positive opinions about our company. Through dialogue with students, the stakeholders of the next generation, a very valuable opportunity to learn about what companies should aim for and what social issues the students are interested in was achieved.
We will continue to implement this award as a program to support young people who will lead the future and promote efforts to build a sustainable society.



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