Contribution to Building Communities

Employees, Local Communities

As a company that coexists with local communities, Sumitomo Riko aims to "Create cities where everyone wants to live in" with local communities, and to conduct activities that contribute to local revitalization and support disaster-stricken areas.

Support for Earthquake Relief in Turkey and Syria

Sumitomo Riko and General Incorporated Foundation "Attaka Fund" donated a total of 3 million yen through the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey in Nagoya to support the victims of the earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in February 2023.

Support for Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

- The Attaka Ticket Project

Sumitomo Riko is providing ongoing support to the town of Minamisanriku in Miyagi Prefecture, which was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The purpose of this service is to support the reconstruction of Minamisanriku Town and to foster the community. With the cooperation of the Minamisanriku Town Council of Social Welfare, this service delivery system targets groups and NPOs that are working to revitalize the local community, and provides support for their respective meetings and social gatherings.
Groups that receive the "Attaka Ticket" issued by Sumitomo Riko can receive delivered lunches. This service is provided by local residents whose businesses are working toward reconstruction. This initiative aims to revitalize local communities as well as improve their livelihoods in the face of protracted reconstruction efforts.
Under the Corona Pandemic, the "Attaka Ticket" is also helping the food and beverage industry, which is experiencing a decline in consumption. Some groups had suspended their activities, but we have received many thank-you notes from the local community, such as, "The 'Attaka Ticket' has provided us with the opportunity to plan new activity methods and resume activities."

Support for the Matsusaka Concert of the Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra

Sumitomo Riko’s Matsusaka Plant sponsors a concert by the Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra, a certified non-profit organization, held in Matsusaka City, which rarely hosts classical orchestra concerts.
We also invite residents living near our business sites to come and enjoy this concert.

Contributing to Sustainable Community Development through Health Promotion

Promoting Frailty Prevention

Based on the "Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation for Advancement of Health Promotion" signed in January 2021 with Komaki City, which was selected as an SDGs Future City, Sumitomo Riko is collaborating with Komaki City to conduct "Frailty Check Measurement Sessions" using our products and systems. Through this event, we are promoting awareness of frailty and helping residents aged 60 and over living in Komaki City to become more aware of frailty.
Frailty refers to a state in which the body and cognitive functions weaken with age. Early detection and improvement of becoming frail can help prevent the need for nursing care in the future and extend healthy life expectancies. Through the Frail Project, we will continue to actively collaborate with local governments, universities, businesses, and civic groups to create healthy and sustainable communities.

Contributing to the Realization of Prosperous Communities through Sports

- Support for the PEARLS women's rugby team

Sumitomo Riko supports the PEARLS, a women's rugby team based in Mie Prefecture, where our production facilities are located. The PEARLS are working toward the goal of "a society where no one is left behind through rugby." The PEARLS are committed to delivering excitement and energy through rugby, fostering a culture where sports are part of everyday life, and contributing to the realization of a prosperous local community for the next generation. By supporting their activities, Sumitomo Riko will contribute to the creation of affluent local communities through sports.


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