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Contribution to Diversity

Aiming to create a society where all people are respected as they are With the aim of creating society where "all people are respected as they are", Sumitomo Riko supports to build society free of physical and mental barriers from various aspects.

"San San Delivery Theater" Performance Presented by Sumitomo Riko


To provide a place for feeling the pleasure and greatness of theatrical performances for persons with disabilities, who have limited opportunities to visit the theater, we dispatch the "San San Delivery Theater" to facilities for people with intellectual disability.
We collaborate with a theatrical company in Nagoya, which is supported by many people. By providing not only persons with disabilities but also their families with opportunities to enjoy plays together and at ease, we aim to fulfill their hearts and help them be rich in spirit.
Since FY2008, we have delivered performances to 10 facilities for a year, seeking candidate facilities that meet the criteria. Details of seeking candidacy for your facilities are published on our website.

Support for Sports Events Hosted by Ai-pic
(Athletic Union of Aichi Prefecture Schools for Intellectually Disabled Children)


Sumitomo Riko provides support for "Ai-pic" hosted by the Athletic Union of Aichi Prefecture Schools for Intellectually Disabled Children as one of the sponsored companies. "Ai-pic" is the event including track and field, basketball, frisbee, soccer, and baseball for disabled children.