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Corporate Citizenship Activities Management


Message from the officer in charge


The Sumitomo Riko Group aims to become a "Global Excellent Manufacturing Company", that is, a company that contributes to the “Safety, Comfort, and Environment of People, Society, and the Earth” through our social contribution activities. We believe that our social contribution activities will enhance the social value for the whole society as well as helping create prosperity, and the promotion of the SDGs will further enhance our corporate value. In order to promote these social contribution activities on a Group-wide basis, we launched the Social Contribution Promotion Project under the CSR Sustainability Committee. Participated in by each General Manager from Sumitomo Riko's manufacturing sites and executives of group companies, the project aims to create a sustainable society by contributing to SDGs, and we are working on promoting social contribution activities by reviewing and improving each activity.
Sumitomo Riko Group will always be aware that we are a member of the local community and will fulfill our corporate responsibility through social contribution activities in order to be a company that is trusted by the local community. It is my earnest desire that this website will help our stakeholders understand the Group's social contribution initiative and I will be grateful for your frank views and recommendations.

Hideo Yamane
Managing Executive Officer

Basic Principles of Social Contribution Activities

The Sumitomo Riko Group is committed to social contribution activities in order to fulfill its role as a public entity in society and to become a company that is reputed to be "Lucky to have Sumitomo Riko Group in this town“. The Group's corporate citizenship policy states: "Sumitomo Riko Group recognizes that we belong to the local community and, as a good corporate citizen, make efforts to create a better society through corporate citizenship activities." The Sumitomo Riko Group defines social contributions as activities helping meet society's challenges. We aim to create social value through vigorous corporate citizenship activities, addressing solutions to social issues that will contribute to the SDGs, leading to the enhancement of corporate value. In response to social needs, we have accorded priority to the following fields: 1) contribution to diversity, 2) contribution to the sound development of young people, 3) contribution to building community, 4) contribution to civil activities, and 5) contribution to the promotion of coexistence with the natural environment.

Policy on social contribution activities

Sumitomo Riko Group recognizes that we belong to the local community and, as a good corporate citizen, make efforts to create a better society through corporate citizenship activities.

Framework of our social contribution activities

To fulfill the above-mentioned policy, the Sumitomo Riko Group clarifies its "goal," "directions of activities," "five priorities," and "two activity fields."

Figure: Corporate Citizenship Activities Management

Social Contribution Promotion Structure

In accordance with the corporate citizenship policy and the framework, the Social Contributions Committee, which is one of the six subcommittees under the CSR Committee established in 2005, ensures that corporate citizenship activities are systematically implemented based on discussion.
At Sumitomo Riko, we classify corporate citizenship activities into employees' contribution and corporate contribution. Employees can contribute through voluntary activities and through monetary contributions. The Sumitomo Riko Attaka Club, an organization supporting employees' voluntary activities, operates at the Komaki, Matsusaka, Fuji-Susono, and Saitama Plants and a Group company, Tokai Chemical Industries.
For monetary contributions, Sumitomo Riko established the Sumitomo Riko Attaka Fund. The Sumitomo Riko Attaka Fund became a general incorporated foundation under Japanese law in 2014. Employees who register with the fund donate a sum of their choice between 100 yen to 1,000 yen to the fund by automatic withdrawal from their salary each month. As a matching gift, Sumitomo Riko donates a sum equal to that donated by the employees.
Sumitomo Riko's Social Contributions Committee establishes various corporate citizenship programs for which the Social Contribution Program Planning Office is the secretariat. Attaka Support Centers at plants and Sumitomo Riko Group companies support employees' social contributions through the Attaka Club and the Attaka Fund, linking the corporate contribution and employees' contribution.

Figure: Promotion Structure of Social Contribution Activities

Corporate Citizenship Program Assessment System

Sumitomo Riko has introduced an annual assessment system for corporate citizenship programs. Assessment of programs using uniform criteria clarifies their results. This approach allows us to apply a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle to corporate citizenship activities. We are shifting the weight of our corporate citizenship activities from monetary contributions to a participatory and collaborative approach. Members of the Social Contributions Committee inspect and assess programs. Programs are revised or terminated based on the assessment and new programs are introduced.
56 programs, including monetary contributions, were assessed in fiscal 2019, as a result of which a total of 14 programs were revised or abolished. With a focus on activities that contribute to raising public value, we shifted to corporate citizenship activities that were more relevant to the SDGs and that were more typical of Sumitomo Riko.

Figure: Corporate Citizenship Program Assessment System