Corporate Citizenship
Employees, Local Communities
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Contribution to Building Communities

As a company that coexists with the hosting local community, Sumitomo Riko supports to create "citizen-friendly town" together with local communities by providing disaster recovery assistance, etc.

Support for Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

~Attaka Ticket Project~

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Using the Sumitomo Riko Attaka Fund, which is based on donations by the employees (including employees of Group companies) and matching gifts by the company, the Attaka Ticket Project is providing ongoing support to Minamisanriku-cho in Miyagi Prefecture, which was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
To help recovery of Minamisanriku-cho and resurgence of the community, in cooperation with the Minamisanriku-cho Council of Social Welfare, the Attaka Ticket Project supports groups and NPOs working for community vitalization, and is a service provision system that can be utilized at each meeting or gathering. The services are offered by local people working to reconstruct the community. The project aims to enhance the quality of life of people who have been striving for recovery for a long time and helps vitalize the community. One of the people who used the services commented, "We get together and chat over the bento boxed lunches that we receive in exchange for the tickets. The relationships thus cultivated help us support one another in everyday life." Many people in Minamisanriku-cho have expressed their appreciation to us.

Emergency Medical Care Experiential Event Using Training Simulator
to Solve Social Issues


We are pursuing social contribution activities rich in originality that are directly linked with Sumitomo Riko's business. Since 2017, in collaboration with NPOs working to promote first aid as well as with local civic organizations and the fire department, we have been offering the Emergency Medical Care Experiential Event in which the Shinnosuke-kun training simulator for chest compression is used. The concept is to provide opportunities for people to learn basic life support skills and acquire knowledge so that they can protect their family and loved ones.
This program is supported by UNY Co., Ltd., an operator of shopping centers where many people are likely to notice the program. We hope that participating in this program will be an opportunity for larger numbers of people to take part in basic life support training programs and for the general public to become used to providing basic life support. The ultimate objective is to make provision of basic life support a matter of course. Going forward, we will hold this program at more locations and accelerate collaboration with local communities and other companies in order to further promote social contribution activities that help solve social issues.

Sumitomo Riko Charity Concert


Since fiscal 2000, we have taken part in a collaborative project with the certified NPO, Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra, to hold an annual "Sumitomo Riko Charity Concert" every autumn with the aim of assisting local communities to promote cultural and artistic development. We invite 1,300 residents of the Owari region, Aichi Prefecture (where Komaki Head Office and Komaki Plant are located), through selection in a drawing. The concert invites world-renowned maestro Kazuyoshi Akiyama as a conductor to provide beautiful music. Donations made by the audience are used every year to support reconstruction efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake and other disaster assistance.
Information about the charity concert is available in newspapers and magazines.

Support for the Matsusaka Concert of the Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra


In Matsusaka, where there are few opportunities to enjoy classical music, the Matsusaka Plant sponsors concerts by the Chubu Philharmonic Orchestra and invites local residents as a contribution to the local community.