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Contribution to Civil Activities

Social contribution by utilizing the strengths of civic organizations There is a limit to how much we can do to directly address the key issues of our social contribution activities. Therefore, we will promote the five activities and contribute to the development of civic groups by supporting civic activities through grant programs. In addition. As for the grant system, we will aim for a "network-type" system that is rooted in each region.

Sumitomo Riko Subsidy for Developing the Dreams, Town and People


Public review meeting held as a combined on-site and online event (November 28, 2020)

Under the theme of "A Town Where Everyone Wants to Live", we are implementing a subsidy program for organizations engaged in civic activities in the five priority areas of social contribution activities of Sumitomo Riko.
Under this system, subsidies are provided for four projects in the "Dreaming Up Start" category, which supports new activities, and two projects in the "Town and Human Development" category, which is awarded to activities of high public interest or large scale. The publicly solicited projects will then be reviewed by a panel of judges consisting of experts, NPOs, and Sumitomo Riko.
This program was launched in 2010 in collaboration with a certified NPO, “Komaki Citizen Activity Network” in Komaki city, where the head office and Komaki Plant are located. Later, in 2014, the program was expanded to include "Dream, Town, and Human Development Grants in Kita Owari," and since 2020, we have been supporting civic activities in the five cities and two towns of Kita Owari (Komaki City, Kasugai City, Iwakura City, Konan City, Inuyama City, Oguchi Town, and Fuso Town) in cooperation with the NPO Machinetto Oguchi. Also In 2012, in collaboration with M-Bridge, a specified NPO in Matsusaka City, we launched the same program for four cities and towns in the area surrounding the Matsusaka Plant (Matsusaka City, Meiwa Town, Taki Town, and Odaimachi Town). In addition, in September 2016, in cooperation with the Ayabe Volunteer Center, we began providing subsidies to civic activity groups based in Ayabe City. Then, in fiscal 2017, we began providing grants to the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture (Susono City, Gotemba City, and Nagaizumi Town) in the area surrounding the Fuji Susono Plant in cooperation with Machi Terrace Works Association, expanding the number of grant areas to four.
In the future, we plan to expand this program to areas where the Sumitomo Riko Group has production bases.
Applications for the subsidies will be announced by Sumitomo Riko or the organizations with which we collaborate.