Corporate Citizenship
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Contribution to Civil Activities

Social contribution by utilizing the strengths of civic organizations Examining social contribution activities, we have to admit that the amount of work Sumitomo Riko can perform alone to resolve issues directly is limited. That is why we decided to establish a subsidy system with the belief that our financial support for communities accelerates the achievement of our goals (five priorities) while contributing to the development of civic organizations at the same time. We aim to establish the subsidy system as an intermediary to support for local communities.

Sumitomo Riko Subsidy for Developing the Dreams, Town and People


Sumitomo Riko offers subsidies for civil organizations which tackle with social issues related to five priorities of Sumitomo Riko's corporate citizenship activities.
The subsidy scheme has two categories, “Dream,” which grants subsidies to four new projects, and “Town and People,” which grants subsidies to two projects that have a significant public benefit and/or are large in scale. After a public call for applicants, the successful projects are selected by experts, NPOs and Sumitomo Riko.
This scheme was first established in the city of Komaki, where Head Office and the Komaki Plant are located, in cooperation with the NPO Komaki Civil Activities Support Network, in 2010 and was expanded in 2014 to become the Subsidy for Developing the Dreams, Town and People in Kita-Owari. In 2020, it provided support for civic activities in the cities of Komaki, Kasugai, Iwakura, Konan and Inuyama and the towns of Oguchi and Fuso in the Kita-Owari area, in cooperation with the NPO Machi Net Oguchi. In 2012, Sumitomo Riko replicated this subsidy scheme in cooperation with the Matsusaka-based NPO M-bridge to service the area surrounding Sumitomo Riko’s Matsusaka Plant, specifically the city of Matsusaka and the towns of Meiwa, Taki and Odai. The scheme was further expanded to the city of Ayabe in September 2016 with the cooperation with the Ayabe Volunteer Center. Then, in fiscal 2017, the scheme was expanded to four regions with the launch of the Sumitomo Riko Subsidy for Developing the Dreams, Town and People in the cities of Susono and Gotemba and the town of Nagaizumi, in the eastern area of Shizuoka Prefecture where the Fuji-Susono Plant is located, with the cooperation of Machi Terrace Works Association.
Sumitomo Riko plans to deploy this subsidy scheme in other areas where our production sites are located.
Sumitomo Riko and its cooperating organizations in each region advertise for applications for the subsidy.