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Environmental Communication

Based on the conviction that sharing information is essential for stimulating environmental protection activities, Sumitomo Riko has been striving to promote smooth internal communication and activities to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Setting Environment Month

Sumitomo Riko has designated June as "Sumitomo Riko Environmental Month" and holds events to promote environmental conservation efforts around June 5, which is the World Environment Day designated by the United Nations.

Main activities during Environmental Month

  • Company-wide Environmental Conference
  • Commendation of environmental conservation activities
  • Environmental lectures by experts and specialists (held annually)
  • Environment-related activities at each plant
  • Dissemination of management news related to Environmental Month
  • Display of environmental awareness posters

Commendation of Environmental Conservation Activities

Sumitomo Riko holds a company-wide environmental conference every year with the participation of all employees, including the president, in order to raise awareness of the environmental commitments made by management and to raise awareness of environmental conservation activities among employees.
In fiscal 2021, we took thorough measures to prevent the new coronavirus infection by holding the meeting with a small number of people and at different venues, and by streaming the meeting to all employees via live/recorded video.


President’s Speech


Main Venue


Satellite Venue

A scene from the Company-wide Environmental Conference

Commendation of Environmental Conservation Activities

In order to raise awareness and motivate employees to engage in environmental conservation activities, we have established an internal system for soliciting and awarding environmental conservation case studies. In fiscal 2020, we received 67 applications from the entire group, and awarded 14 particularly outstanding cases. We have also created an intrasite "ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION ACTIVITY EXAMPLES" in order to use for sharing information and horizontal deployment.


Commemorative Photo of Environmental Award Winners
Sumitomo Riko (Komaki Head Office)


Commemorative Photo of Environmental Award Winners

Environmental Education & Training


A scene from environmental lecture

Environmental protection is a fundamental responsibility of business activities. In the course of education and training, we take every opportunity to raise trainees' awareness of the importance of environmental protection and encourage them to be proactively involved in environmental protection. We have enriched the environmental education content of our human resources training programs.
In July 2021, we invited Professor Yukari Takamura of the University of Tokyo to give a lecture on "The World Towards Carbon Neutrality by 2050: Companies in the Midst of Change”, Her detailed explanations were very easy to understand and the lecture was very meaningful.

Examples of External Awards

Environmental Governance Award (Thailand)


Certificate of commendation from IEAT SRK-CP (Thailand)

SumiRiko Chemical and Plastic Products (Thailand) Ltd. received the Environmental Governance (Green Star) Award 2017 from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) for being a company with excellent environmental, safety, and CSR activities. IEAT, a state enterprise under the Ministry of Industry, is responsible for the development and establishment of industrial zones and for the provision of public utilities and infrastructure to them, and for their total operation and management.

Modal Shift Awards (Japan)


Commemorative photo at external award presentation ceremony, SRK-L (Komaki)

In recognition of its efforts in achieving a modal shift to marine transport, including the transport of automotive hoses and other products by ferry, SumiRiko Logitech Company Limited (Komaki, Aichi Prefecture) received the FY2019 Award for Excellent Business Entities Working on Modal Shift in the 6th Modal Shift Awards of the Japan Association for Logistics and Transport in November 2019. It was also selected as an FY2019 Eco Ship Mark Excellent Business Entity by the Eco-ship and Modal Shift Project Organizing Committee in late February 2020 and received the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Maritime Bureau Director-General’s Award.

Environmental Communication with Group Companies


Global environmental audit, TCT (Tianjin, China)

In order to eliminate environmental risks of Group companies in Japan and overseas, the Sumitomo Riko Group periodically visits sites and inspects the state of compliance with environmental laws and regulations, as well as that of environmental protection and management at the sites. This activity started in 2016, and in fiscal 2020, we conducted inspections of the environmental management systems of four Chinese sites using a web conference system in response to the Corona pandemic, and provided advice for improvements.

Sharing Information with Local Communities

The Komaki and Matsusaka Plants, both located adjacent to residential areas, hold regular liaison meetings with the local community associations in order to promote mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence with the communities through dialogue and other means of communication. Information on environmental issues is exchanged at these meetings.

Environmental Protection Activities in Local Communities


Mount Fuji clean-up campaign (Fuji-Susono Plant)

Sumitomo Riko is vigorously participating in environmental protection activities in local communities, including forest thinning in the Sumitomo Riko Forest initiative (Komaki Plant), the clean-up campaign of the roads around the plant (Matsusaka Plant), and the Mount Fuji clean-up campaign to clean the peripheral road (Fuji-Susono Plant).

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