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Environmentally Friendly Products

Responding to society's rising expectations of companies' environmental protection activities, including responses to global environmental issues and control of environmentally harmful substances, the Sumitomo Riko Group is reinforcing its commitment to tackling environmental issues. We are striving not only to reduce the environmental impacts of our business activities but also to develop environmentally friendly products and technologies satisfying stringent environmental regulations, thus enhancing corporate value from an environmental perspective.

Cell Gasket, a Rubber Sealant, for Fuel Cell (FC) Stacks

Sumitomo Riko developed a cell gasket, a rubber sealant used for fuel cell (FC) stacks mounted on fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). The development of cells using this technology has made it possible to improve the performance of the FC stack, reduce its size and weight, and ensure the long-term reliability of the FC, which has led to its continuous use in Toyota Motor Corporation's FCV,"MIRAI" from the first model in 2014 to the new model in 2020. The gasket will contribute to the spread and improvement of the MIRAI, the ultimate eco-car that uses hydrogen as an energy source and emits only water during driving.


Highly Functional Transparent Films for Windows "Refleshine™"

Refleshine is a series of highly functional transparent window films. When applied to the indoor surfaces of windows, these window films contribute to saving of electricity. Recognized for their transparency enabling enjoyment of natural lighting and their excellent thermal barrier and insulation performance, these films are being used for trains and buildings. With their excellent infrared reflecting performance, Refleshine contributes to reduction of power consumption by air conditioning without compromising natural lighting, and thus it is also effective for reducing CO2 emissions.


Flexographic Printing


Flexo printing is a relief printing method using flexible rubber plates. Whereas most other companies' flexo plates require solvents for development, Sumitomo Riko's AquaGreen™ flexo plates are water-developable and thus both environmentally friendly and worker friendly. Their added value includes high definition, superior productivity, and no effluent.

Development of Biohydrin Rubber


Sumitomo Riko developed biohydrin rubber jointly with Toyota Motor Corporation and Zeon Corporation. Made of plant-derived raw materials, biohydrin rubber achieves an approximately 20% reduction in CO2 emissions in its lifecycle from manufacturing to disposal compared with conventional petroleum-based hydrin rubber. Biohydrin rubber is equivalent to petroleum-based hydrin rubber in terms of quality and mass producibility.

Contributing to Improvement of Fuel Efficiency by Lighter Vehicles


Close-up of lightweight materials and graphical image of hose cross-section

Low-gravity EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber) hoses were developed with the aim of achieving lightweight vehicle components. They can be applied to a variety of hoses, including water system hoses such as water bypass hoses and radiator hoses. By adopting a compounding design that incorporates newly developed lightweight reinforced materials, they are approximately 20% lighter than conventional EPDM hoses, while maintaining the same characteristics in terms of strength, durability, heat resistance, and insulation. Switching to Sumitomo Riko's low-gravity EPDM allows weight savings of about 1 kg* per vehicle.

  • * According to Sumitomo Riko's own trial results.

Development of the Resin Filler Neck Module


Sumitomo Riko changed the material for filler hoses that supply automotive fuel to the fuel tank from metal to resin, achieving a 40% reduction in weight compared with a conventional metal filler hose. Lighter weight contributes to improvement of fuel efficiency of automobiles.
This resin filler neck module offers excellent low fuel permeability, in which fuel is highly prevented from leaking from resin and/or rubber hoses, and meets environmental regulations. Moreover, our unique processing technology realized a bent design to make fuel-charging performance even smoother. At the same time, a flexible bellows design to absorb impact in the event of a collision, contributes to safety performance of automobiles.

Thin-Film High Heat Insulation Material "Finesulight™"

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We have developed an insulating material with thermal conductivity lower than that of air, and developed a thin-film high heat insulating material "Finesulight™" coated on non-woven fabric. This product is made by coating a high heat insulating filler (silica aerogel), which has nano-sized pores so fine that air cannot move, onto a base material such as non-woven fabric or molding resin. It is a thin and flexible heat insulator that exhibits higher heat insulation properties than still air. As an energy-saving material that does not require a power source, it is used in various applications such as insulated boxes for vaccine transportation. Through the development of thermal management technologies and products, we will contribute to the improvement of comfort and energy efficiency in people's lives.