Corporate Citizenship
Employees, Local Communities, Global Environment
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Contribution to the Promotion of Coexistence with the Natural Environment

Do what we can as a part of the natural ecosystem In pursuing business activities, Sumitomo Riko not only promotes eco-friendly manufacturing but also encourages each employee to do what he or she can as a part of the natural ecosystem. We promote activities from cleanups of the immediate area to afforestation step by step.

Sumitomo Riko Afforestation Project


Sumitomo Riko (Tokai Rubber at the time) approves the aim of the Nagano Prefecture's re-forestation promotion project and concluded a "foster parent" contract on July 1, 2008, a contract with the municipal government of Ikeda-machi, Kitaazumi-gun in Nagano Prefecture. As part of activities to conserve the global environment, this promotes re-forestation for CO2 sink.
Under Nagano Prefecture's evaluation/certification scheme for carbon absorption efforts, Sumitomo Riko receives certification for achieving absorption every year from the Nagano Prefectural office. Nagano Prefecture started the scheme in 2009, and Sumitomo Riko was the first organization to be certified as a supporter. Accumulated absorption by fiscal 2020 is 2,477 tons.
Sumitomo Riko provides not only financial support but also sends volunteer employees to the forests twice a year: in spring and fall. These volunteers stay overnight near the project site, to spend two days conducting tree-thinning, pruning and planting operations under the instruction of local residents. In addition, volunteers participate in various programs, including hands-on agricultural experience seminars, cooking local cuisine and social gatherings to promote a friendly exchange with local residents in the Hirotsu district.

Sumitomo Riko Afforestation Project in Matsusaka

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In support of Mie Prefecture corporation's re-forestation project, Mie Prefecture, Matsusaka City, local forest owners in Seizu and Sumitomo Riko (then Tokai Rubber) concluded a four-party agreement on the five-year re-forestation project that covers the area of 24.5 hectares on August 26, 2010. We are the 19th company in Mie Prefecture to sign the contract, but the first in the prefecture to implement a four-company agreement with local cooperation and forest conservation activities in a contracted forest in which employees participate. The contract was renewed for the third time in fiscal 2020.
Every year in spring and autumn, employee volunteers engage in forest conservation activities and exchange activities with the local residents.

Tokai Chemical Industries Mitake-no-Mori Activities


In May 2017, Tokai Chemical Industries entered into an agreement with Mitake-cho and Gifu Prefecture for collaboration on forestation. With a view to realizing a sustainable low-carbon society and handing over a flourishing natural environment to the next generation, Tokai Chemical Industries' employees and other stakeholders provide support for the protection of forests owned by Mitake-cho, where Tokai Chemical Industries’ headquarters plant is located, and for the rehabilitation of the Satoyama (woodlands near populated areas).
As certified by the governor of Gifu Prefecture, 290 tons of CO2 will be absorbed through these forestation activities over the next 50 years.
In addition to monthly forest improvement activities by the employees, company-wide events are held three times a year, in spring, summer, and autumn, which include exchanges with local residents.

Cleanup Activities


At plants of Sumitomo Riko and group companies including Tokai Chemical Industries, employees regularly volunteer to conduct the clean-up of surrounding areas.

Initiatives for the Reduction of Plastics

Sales of PET bottles discontinued at Global Headquarters
~Initiatives to address marine pollution problems caused by plastic waste~

To help solve the problem of ocean plastics pollution, Sumitomo Riko launched an effort to reduce the use of plastic by discontinuing sales of PET bottled drinks and shifting to aluminum cans and other products. Before the discontinuation, an average of 780 plastic bottles a month, or approximately 10,000 bottles a year, were used at Global Headquarters in Nagoya. Our aim is to reduce that number to zero. This initiative will reduce CO2 emissions by 80 g per 500 ml PET bottle, or approximately 748 kg a year. With the discontinuation of PET bottle sales, we are promoting the use of the tea dispensers installed in headquarters offices and encouraging employees to bring their own drink bottles.
Starting with the discontinuation of sales at the Global Head Office in fiscal 2019, plastic bottle-free vending machines will be introduced at the Saitama Plant in fiscal 2021.
Sale of PET bottles have been discontinued at Global Headquarters first, and the shift to canned drinks will be gradually extended to all Sumitomo Riko Group locations in Japan by 2030, the target deadline for the SDGs.