Initiatives to Promote D&I


General Employer Action Plan

We have established and published our General Employer Action Plan and are conducting various activities to achieve that plan.
1. Plan period April 1, 2023 - March 31, 2028
2. Quantitative targets ①Create a workplace environment in which all employees can smoothly and reliably choose and use the work styles they desire.
・No overtime day (every Wednesday): 100% achievement rate
    *Achievement rate including transfers within the same week and month
・Interval work system: 100% achievement rate
・Continuous promotion of male participation in childcare (Encouragement of male employees to take childcare leave, childcare incentive leave, etc., in line with current trends)
②Proactive empowerment of women and expansion of fields of activity
  【Target】Aim to achieve the following ratios of women in management positions (key positions)
 Global (domestic and overseas group companies): 20% / Domestic non-consolidated: 10%
③Reinforcement of Young Employee Development
 【Target】Support "autonomous growth" of young employees and proactively provide opportunities to improve their skills for future success.
3. Plan Details Refer to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website. (in Japanese) 

Respect for Diversity

Work with colleagues from various walks of life

Sumitomo Riko Group is actively working to create a corporate culture in which everyone can play an active and rewarding role, regardless of gender, nationality, or hiring route. Women, foreigners, and mid-career recruits are hired and promoted to management positions based on a comprehensive assessment of their abilities and aptitudes, regardless of their attributes. With regard to women, we consider the fact that there is a gender gap in the percentage of female employees and managers to be an issue. For this reason, we have set specific targets and are working to resolve these issues.

Promotion of women's activities

"SWING*" Networking for Women Employees of Sumitomo Electric Group

"SWING Women's Forum" has been held continuously since FY2017 for female employees of the Sumitomo Electric Group to support mutual study and networking. The members of the Human Resources and D&I divisions of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Sumitomo Wiring Systems, and Sumitomo Riko serve as the secretariat of the forum, which aims to promote the advancement of women throughout the Group by fostering and developing the skills of female employees.
When the seminar was first held, it mainly targeted female clerical staff (general employment), but it has continued to adapt to changes in society, such as focusing on female career-track employees in FY2021 and shifting to an entirely online seminar in the wake of the Corona pandemic.
In recent years, we have also invited and encouraged male employees to attend the lectures in order to encourage them to think about how women work together.

Changes in the Ratio of Female Managers

As of the end of FY2022, the ratio of female managers at Sumitomo Riko was 1.4% (8 persons).
We will continue our efforts to ensure that women can continue to work with peace of mind and aim for career advancement through measures such as strengthening recruitment, training, and the development of systems.

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Recruitment of foreign employees

Approximately 80% of the group's employees work in overseas locations, and of course, we do not make any distinction between foreigners and Japanese.
At our overseas offices, we are always conscious of the localization of main business operations, as we strive to develop local staff who can take on the role of local base chief officer. On the other hand, in Japan, we consistently hire people with high aspirations and a strong desire to work for our group, regardless of their nationality, and their fields of activity are expanding day by day.

Recruitment of Mid-career employees

In anticipation of new perspectives and ideas, and the innovation that lies ahead, we hire a certain number of mid-career (career) employees every year. We also promote the direct employment of temporary employees with proven work experience (promotion to employees), and we consider it part of our D&I promotion to provide them with opportunities to fully demonstrate their practical skills and work immediately as core human resources.
We evaluate and treat new hires fairly and impartially, without distinction from new graduates, so that they can move up the ladder according to their abilities.

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Promotion of Employment of People with Disabilities

“SumiRiko Joyful”, a special-purpose subsidiary

Sumitomo Riko hires people with disabilities to work in various departments. Based on the understanding of the workplaces, jobs are assigned corresponding to the person's aptitude.
We established a special-purpose subsidiary, SumiRiko Joyful, in November 2013 to facilitate employment of people with disabilities and for social contributions. The range of work has expanded with each successive year to include collection and delivery of internal mail, management of the document archive, printing, document digitization, and cleaning. They are engaged in work suited to their personalities. We will endeavor to secure employment of more people with disabilities by expanding the scope of the work.
Since fiscal 2019, 2 employees have been seconded to Sumitomo Riko Global Headquarters and 3 to the Komaki Plant, where they are working together in the same environment. In addition, in recognition of our achievements over the years in achieving the legally mandated employment ratio and promoting the employment of people with disabilities together with our special subsidiary, we received the Director's Effort Award from the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers (JEED) in 2020.
Printing operations
Received the Director's Effort Award from the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers

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D&I In-House Training

Based on the concept that "human resources development is at the heart of every successful business strategy," we conduct training in a variety of formats, including basic and periodic education, by rank, and by need. In FY2022, we continued to conduct D&I training within the rank-specific training, trying various approaches such as basic knowledge of D&I, Sumitomo Riko's approaches, and specific action level improvement based on case studies, according to the target participants. In recent years, we have taken up themes such as unconscious bias and LGBTQ, creating opportunities for all participants to think together.

* Subjects are Sumitomo Riko and Group companies.

Certification and Registration Achievements

Sumitomo Riko participates in a variety of certification and registration schemes with a view towards reforming our employees’ mindset and fostering a corporate culture of diversity. We use these schemes not only to promote our commitment to the outside world, but also to confirm our position in our industry and to consider our future directions and actions.

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