Diversity Management



Message from the Officer in Charge

Hideo Yamane
Director and Managing Executive Officer
The Sumitomo Riko Group states in its Management Philosophy that it will "Foster an invigorating corporate culture that respects our employees' diversity, personal qualities, and individuality." We recognize the promotion of diversity and inclusion (hereinafter referred to as D&I) as the foundation of its management, aiming to "create a workplace where everyone can demonstrate their abilities." Currently, approximately 80% of all employees work outside of Japan, making the promotion and implementation of D&I increasingly important.
Our D&I promotion structure began with the establishment of the Diversity Committee in 2015 as a subcommittee of the CSR Committee (now the CSR Sustainability Committee), followed by the establishment of the Diversity Promotion Office in the Human Resources Division in 2016 as a specialized organization. Since then, the Diversity Promotion Section and the D&I Group of the Planning Section have been reorganized to promote activities from a company-wide, group-wide, and global perspective, while keeping a close eye on social trends, and gathering the opinions of employees. We will continue to accelerate our efforts to create a workplace and corporate culture in which each and every employee, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, educational background, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability, is respected and can play an active role on the world stage with fulfillment, in order to promote D&I aggressively.
We hope that all of our stakeholders will understand our efforts regarding human resources and D&I, and we look forward to your continued support in the future.

Approach to Diversity Management

The Sumitomo Riko Group Management Philosophy proclaims, "We will foster an invigorating corporate culture that respects our employees' diversity, personal qualities, and individuality." The Group engages in D&I promotion activities to create an environment in which people from diverse backgrounds can work with vigor and enthusiasm.

The Sumitomo Riko Group’s Diversity Logo

The establishment of a dedicated logo symbolizes the Sumitomo Riko Group’s efforts to promote D&I. As a symbol of Sumitomo Riko’s active engagement in diversity, this logo expresses our determination to unite in the creation of things of value through connections between people and links between diverse individuality.

D&I Promotion Structure

At Sumitomo Riko, the D&I Group of the Planning Section is responsible for implementing the Diversity D&I philosophy and measures throughout the Group companies. The D&I Group of the Planning Section also belongs to the Human Resources Department and works in cooperation and collaboration with the CSR Promotion Office, and Human Resources Development Department to establish specific systems and improve the internal environment.

Medium-term Vision, Achievements, and Challenges Related to D&I

Mid-term vision

At Sumitomo Riko, our vision is centered on three axes, and we aim to create a workplace where everyone can demonstrate their strengths.
Three Axes
  1. Promotion of diverse human resources: Thinking about one's own work style
  2. Reforming work styles: Creating workplaces where everyone can demonstrate their abilities
  3. Awareness raising and Culture building: Raising individual awareness by providing information and opportunities, and promoting understanding in the workplace

FY2022 Priority Action Items and Results

Themes Priority Action Items for FY2022 FY2022 Achievements
Promotion of diverse human resource’s activities 30% female employment rate ・23.2% (March 2023)
Promotion of employment of persons with disabilities
(Statutory employment rate: 2.30%)
・2.66% (March 2023, 3 special subsidiaries applied), target achieved
・Started accepting 5 employees who were transferred from the special-purpose subsidiary SumiRiko Joyful Company Limited
Work Style Reform Identification and analysis of actual conditions for a good working environment ・Conducted line care training 3 times to promote workplace improvement activities utilizing the group analysis results of the Company's stress check "Iki Iki Diagnosis," 177 supervisors participated.
Consideration of the current state of institutional reform and improvement Conducting fixed-point observations of various internal systems
Ongoing development of support systems for balancing work with childcare and nursing care responsibilities, etc. Care Establishment of a free consultation service directly accessible to outside specialists (Number of calls received in FY2022: 1)
Childcare ・Online tours of in-house daycare centers for employees on childcare leave
・Released video tour of the in-house daycare center "Koara-Pokke"
Raising awareness and fostering a culture Information Distribution ・Information distribution in the company newsletter "Mitsukumi"
・D&I information distribution in HR News
・Seminar Information distribution on the in-house website "G. Portal"
Educational activities at various trainings ・D&I Training Conducted at Hierarchy-Specific Training Programs
・Held Sumitomo Electric Group Women's Forum "SWING," 64 participants, including men attended.
・Held "Life Plan Seminar" for employees approaching retirement age, 106 employees aged 55-59 participated.

FY 2023 Challenges (Priority Action Items)



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