Programs and Systems for the Creation of a Comfortable Working Environment

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Internal Employment Support Programs

On-site daycare center, “Koala Pokke” (in Komaki Plant)
Sumitomo Riko has instituted a number of support programs and schemes to enable each employee to achieve a good work-life balance with peace of mind and give them a comfortable working environment. These programs and schemes are available not only for traditional reasons such as childcare and nursing care responsibilities, but they are also very extensive, taking into consideration the diverse circumstances of our employees today.

Main Systems

  • "Career advancement leave" for the purpose of career advancement such as studying abroad
  • "Volunteer leave and leave of absence" for volunteer activities
  • "Job return system" for those who left the company once to rejoin the company (2017~)
  • "Telecommuting system" that anyone can use if it does not interfere with work (2020~)
  • "Flextime system" with no core hours (2020~)

[Childcare / Nursing Care]
  • Spousal Maternity Leave System, Childcare Incentive Leave System, and establishment of On-Site Daycare Centers (2009~)
  • Expansion of telecommuting and short-time working systems (2017~)
  • Short-time flextime system (2018~)
  • Establishment of a nursing care consultation service that allows direct consultation with specialists free of charge (2019~)

Outline of Childcare and Nursing Care Support Systems

Support for Childcare

Program Outline
On-site Daycare Center Koala Pokke, located on site at the Komaki Plant, accepts children ranging from infants to those who are not yet in elementary school.
Childcare Leave Maternity leave can be taken from 6 weeks prior to the expected birth date until 8 weeks after giving birth. Childcare leave can be taken upon completion of maternity leave until the day before the child’s second birthday.
Shortened Working Hours and Shorter-Hours Flextime Working hours can be shortened by up to 2 hours per day. In fiscal 2022, availability of this scheme was expanded from children under 3 years of age to the period until the day before the child enters sixth grade at elementary school. Flextime was also introduced the same year.
Flextime for childcare Employees with a child who has not completed elementary school education can set their own start and finish times at will. The application of the system can be flexibly changed every month.
Child Nursing Leave Special leave for looking after a child who has not reached elementary school age and is injured or ill. Eligible employees can take up to 5 days per year.
Childcare incentive leave Employees with a child under 1 year of age can take up to 5 successive business days off.

Support for nursing care (available for employees with a family member certified nursing care need)

Program Outline
Nursing Care Leave Up to 365 days nursing care leave can be taken per event.
Shortened Working Hours and Shorter-Hours Flextime Working hours can be shortened by up to 2 hours per day.
Short-term nursing care leave Up to 5 days per year can be taken by employees caring for 1 family member or up to 10 days per year if caring for 2 or more family members. (Can be taken in half-day increments)
Nursing Care Flextime Employees can set their own start and finish times at their will. The application of the system can be flexibly changed every month.
Use of Professional Consultation Service Free consultation is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by e-mail or phone. Employees' family members can also use the service from anywhere in Japan.

Related Information

Good Labor-Management Relations

Sumitomo Riko concluded “labor-management declaration” between the company and the labor union in 1987. It was announced that we would work on improving the stability of employees’ lives through the prosperity of the company with mutual trust and cooperation between labor and management. In the spirit of this declaration, the Labor-Management Committee, covering issues such as working hours, wages, health & safety and welfare, has been improving various systems. In addition, in the case that an event such as business reorganization occurs, we will provide sufficient time for explanation and consultation with the labor union. Almost all employees (excluding contract employees, term employees and temporary employees), except for managers, are members of the labor union of Sumitomo Riko. We aim to build even stronger labor-management relations in the future.

Related information

Toward Increased Job Satisfaction and Engagement

In April 2017, we launched the "Lively 5 Activities" as a company-wide movement to reform the way we work. Through the "Lively 5 Activities," various systems have been introduced, including a telecommuting system, coreless flex work, work interval system, and regular workdays. The total number of working hours has also been decreasing year by year, down more than 5% compared to fiscal 2016, the year before the "Lively 5 Activities" were launched.
In FY2023, the program will be renamed "Lively 5 Activities ver. 1.5" and re-launched. Under the "Lively 5 Activities ver. 1.5," we will focus on (1) creating a corporate culture to enhance job satisfaction, (2) reducing long working hours, and (3) firmly establishing various systems that make it easier to work, which were introduced under the "Lively 5 Activities." In addition, we will introduce communication activities based on seriousness and honesty, aiming to realize a flexible work style with a sense of balance that applies to diverse lifestyles.


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