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Initiatives for Diversity Promotion

General Employer Action Plan

We have established and published our General Employer Action Plan and are conducting various activities to achieve that plan.

1.Plan periodApril 1, 2019 to March 31, 2023
2.Quantitative targets
  • 1) Correction of long working hours, improvement of the workplace culture that makes it difficult to take paid holidays
    Target: Maintain a paid holiday utilization rate of at least 65% and aim higher
  • 2) Enrichment of systems to help employees balance work and childcare or work and nursing care, and promotion of activities to raise awareness and enhance understanding among employees
    Target: Thorough provision of information to employees who require information and their superiors
  • 3) Expansion of recruitment of women and retention of female employees
    Target: Achieve a proportion of women to all recruits of at least 30% and improve the environment so that female employees can continue to work with peace of mind
3.Plan Details

Respect for Diversity

Internal diversity training


Based on the conviction that human resources development is at the heart of every successful business strategy, we offer a range of education and training programs, including basic and periodic training, position-specific training, and needs-based training. In fiscal 2019, we conducted diversity training sessions in all position-specific training programs, in which we tried a variety of approaches with the trainees. They included basic knowledge of diversity, Sumitomo Riko’s approach, and improvements of concrete action levels based on case studies.

More than 20 of these sessions were held over the year, with over 630 employees in total taking part.

* For Sumitomo Riko and Group companies

Support of female career development

SWING, the Sumitomo Electric Group's networking forum for female employees

SWING provides opportunities for female employees of the Sumitomo Electric Group to improve skills across company boundaries and encourage network building for the purpose of nurturing female employees, contributing to their skill development, and supporting the advancement of women at Group companies. Currently, HR Department employees of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Nissin Electric, and Sumitomo Riko serve as the secretariat for SWING. The SWING* Forum for Women in General Office Work (Clerical Work) bringing together female employees of the Sumitomo Electric Group has been held on a continuous basis since fiscal 2017.

In fiscal 2019, the forum was held in Nagoya and Tokyo, the first time it has been held in two locations. A total of 99 women took part, 25 of whom were from Sumitomo Riko. This event attracts a high degree of satisfaction every year, with many participants keeping in touch with each other even after the conclusion of the event.

ロゴ ※ SWING:Abbereviation of the
SEG(Sumitomo Electric Group) Women's Innovative Networking Group”


Ratio of female managers

The ratio of female managers at Sumitomo Riko was 1.00% (seven managers) as of the end of fiscal 2019. This figure is well below the average for rubber product manufacturers (2.7%) according to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare figures for the average ratio of female managers by industry (as of May 2020).

Setting a target of 30 female managers in 2022, we are undertaking a variety of measures in areas that include recruitment, training, and programs. In overall recruitment, our target is for women to account for 30% or more of total recruits. We are also expanding measures to support parenting and nursing care so that female employees can continue to work with peace of mind. Furthermore, we are offering networking opportunities internally and externally, as well as training for selected female employees who wish to advance their careers.

Sumitomo Riko 9 7 7 30
1.01% 1.12% 1.00%
(including consolidated companies)
36 37 42 10.0%
7.1% 7.0% 10.8%

* Refers to number of women in key positions at Sumitomo Riko and in positions of general manager level and above worldwide.

Promotion of employment of people with disabilities

SumiRiko Joyful, a special-purpose subsidiary

Sumitomo Riko hires people with disabilities to work in various departments. Based on the understanding of the workplaces, jobs are assigned corresponding to the person's aptitude.
We established a special-purpose subsidiary, SumiRiko Joyful, in November 2013 to facilitate employment of people with disabilities and for social contributions. The range of work has expanded with each successive year to include collection and delivery of internal mail, management of the document archive, printing, document digitization, and cleaning. They are engaged in work suited to their personalities. We will endeavor to secure employment of more people with disabilities by expanding the scope of the work.

In fiscal 2019, two members were temporarily assigned to Sumitomo Riko Global Headquarters, where they are working together with HQ staff in the same environment.


SumiRiko Joyful group photo


Printing work


Temporary assignees to
Sumitomo Riko Global HQ

Change in the percentage of employees with disabilities
Percentage of employees with disabilities
(as of March 31)

* The percentage of employees with disabilities is calculated for the Group (Sumitomo Riko, SumiRiko Joyful, SumiRiko Creates).

"Ikiiki 5" Work Style Reform Campaign

In April 2017 we launched "Ikiiki 5," a Company-wide campaign to increase operational efficiency, reduce working hours, promote utilization of paid holidays, and promote diverse work styles.
"Ikiiki" refers to circumstances in which everyone works vigorously and happily, in good health, and with a sense of purpose in life. "5" refers to the following three aims.

  • 1. Keep in mind leaving work on time (at 5:00 pm)
  • 2. Limiting overtime to a maximum of 5 hours per day
  • 3. 5% reduction in total annual working hours

Certification and Registration Achievements

Sumitomo Riko participates in a variety of certification and registration schemes with a view to reforming our employees’ mindset and fostering a corporate culture of diversity. We use these schemes not only to promote our commitment to the outside world, but also to confirm our position in our industry and to consider our future directions and actions.

Company committed to women’s participation and advancement in the workplace: Eruboshi (two stars: Level 2)


Sumitomo Riko received the two-star Level 2 certification in March 2017 as a company that promotes women's participation and advancement in the workplace. We are aiming to receive the three-star Level 3 certification by meeting the one remaining criteria in the area of recruitment.

Company that supports childcare: Kurumin


In March 2016, we received certification as a company that supports employees with children.

Company committed to achieving work-life balance:
Aichi Family Friendly Company


We have been registered with Aichi Prefecture as a company that strives to realize a good work-life balance. In 2009, Sumitomo Riko received a commendation from the governor of Aichi Prefecture as a company undertaking outstanding efforts that serve as a model for others, such as the establishment of on-site childcare facilities.

Company committed to supporting a balance between work and nursing care: Tomonin


Since fiscal 2019, as a company committed to developing a workplace environment in which employees can balance work and nursing care, Sumitomo Riko has disclosed its initiatives on the Ryouritsu Shien no Hiroba (support for balancing work and nursing care) website of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We continue to further pursue the development of such environments.

Company engaged in outstanding health and productivity management: White 500 organization


Sumitomo Riko has consistently, since 2015, received certification as a company that considers the management of employee health from business management perspectives and carries out strategic efforts. In fiscal 2019, we began working on the balance of work and medical treatment and aim to strengthen our programs in this area in fiscal 2020.