Disclosure Policy and Archives
Shareholders and Investors, Customers, Suppliers and Other Trade Partners, Employees, Local Communities, Global Environment

Disclosure Policy and Archives

Disclosure Policy


Appropriately disclose information on public value (non-financial information) of Sumitomo Riko Group to investors, customers, suppliers, students, employees and all other stakeholders in order to gain understanding and thus enhance our corporate value.


Consists of 1) a message from the President, 2) progress of 2022V, 3) CSR activity reports according to themes corresponding to CSR subcommittees, and 4) stakeholder dialogues. Regarding 3), we are striving to clarify PDCA of each activity, by referring to GRI’s management approaches.

Scope of report

This report covers Sumitomo Riko Company Limited and its Group companies. The scope of data is indicated individually.

Period covered in report

From April 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2020 (Fiscal 2019). This report also refers to certain activities that are being undertaken in fiscal 2020 or were carried out in previous years.

Reference guidelines

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and others

Independent assurance

In order to ensure reliability (accuracy and objectivity) of information disclosed, assurance is provided by an independent organization and the independent assurance report is disclosed.

Integrated Report / Annual Report

From 2014, CSR report was integrated into Annual Report.

CSR Report Archives

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Chinese ver.


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