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Initiatives for Human Resources

Sumitomo Riko Group is promoting various human resource-related initiatives based on the policy of improving employee motivation and maximizing their abilities through free and open communication. (For more information about diversity and comfortable workplaces, click here.).

Personnel and Staffing Systems

One of the characteristics of our “Personnel System” is the concept that "In addition to results, we also evaluate the improvement of skills and the maturation of business capabilities through experience as important values, in other words, we do not only evaluate people based on their results, but also emphasize their experience and capabilities”. The history of new leaps forward will be born from the continuous challenge of each and every employee of the Sumitomo Riko Group to achieve their goals.
Keeping in mind the concept of “Creating a corporate culture full of challenging spirit", we consider our “Personal System” as follows;
1. Create an environment in which diverse human resources can play active roles, and in which each
  individual is attracted and motivated to take on new challenges.
2. Develop human resources who have character and knowledge appropriate for employees of the
  Sumitomo Riko Group, who can play active roles on a global scale, and who are equipped with
  advanced technology, skills, knowledge, and a high level of insight.
3. Realize the practice of free and vigorous actions through close communication.

Key Points of the Personnel System

Goal achievement and career support based on daily communication and trust between supervisors and subordinates

Basic Policy of the Personnel System

With an emphasis on "Fairness" and "Acceptability," the following are our basic policies for the operation of the system.

Activation of Communication

The system will be operated with good communication between supervisors and subordinates.
→ 100% implementation of review and feedback

Ensure transparency of Personnel and Staffing Systems

Open up the personnel system, so that supervisors and subordinates can operate it with the same understanding.
→ Disclose the structure and operation of the personnel system.

The Foundation of Personnel and Staffing Systems

The core of our personnel systems are the "Job Qualification System," "Personnel Evaluation System," "Salary and Bonus System," "Education System," and "Retirement Allowance System," each of which functions in correlation with the others. The following table shows the relationship between the various personnel systems.


Data Related to Human Resources

Number of Employees (FY2020)

Number of EmployeesNumber of Temporary EmployeesTemporary Staffing, etc.Total Number of Employees
Domestic Total (persons) 5,315 1,006 1,222 7,543
Overseas Total (persons) 20,481 640 2,579 23,700
Sumitomo Riko Group Total (persons) 25,796 1,646 3,801 31,243

Employee Composition by Age Group (FY2020)

Under 30 years old (persons) 562 159 721
30 to 50 years old (persons) 1,907 400 2,307
51 years old or older (persons) 698 39 737
Total (persons) 3,167 598 3,765

※Figures are for regular employees of Sumitomo Riko (including those seconded to other companies).

New Hires and Leavers

FY 2018FY 20192FY 2020
Number of New Hires (persons) 182 429 120
Percentage of New Hires (%) 5.20 11.34 3.19
Number of Job Leavers (persons) 66 97 81
Percentage of Job Leavers (%) 1.88 2.56 2.15

※The figures are for Sumitomo Riko alone.

Mid-Career Recruitment Rate

FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020
Mid-Career Recruitment Rate (%) 47 32 21

※The figures are for Sumitomo Riko alone.

Human Resources Development

Based on the concept that "There is no better business strategy than human resource development," Sumitomo Riko conducts basic and regular training, training by job level, and training by need to instill its basic philosophy in employees, improve their work skills, and foster logical thinking.

Human Resources Development Policies

We provide various training programs to a wide range of employees with the aim of fostering human resources who have the appropriate character and knowledge as employees of the Group and can play active roles globally.


※1 SEC-Q: To acquire expertise in S (safety), E (environment), C (compliance), Q (quality).
※2 F Training: Abbreviation for Foreman Training, in which participants leave their workplaces for 16
  weeks to work on improvement themes to develop their ability to grasp facts and practice
  improvement, and to acquire improvement methods.
※3 Re-Do ZERO: Acquire a way of thinking that emphasizes "Set-up" to improve work quality
  and efficiency.

Key Points of Activities for Fiscal 2020

In fiscal 2020, we implemented a new training system for career-track employees by job level, and introduced a program to improve “Problem-Solving” and “Communication Skills” based on “Logical Thinking”. In cooperation with workplaces, we aim to develop employees(new graduates) into full-fledged employees within three years of joining the company. We are implementing trainer training to enhance on-the-job training, and at workplaces, we are continuing regular dialogues with trainers and supervisors throughout the company.
In addition, in order to strengthen the penetration of the company's policies and philosophies, e-learning training was conducted for the first time for administrative staff. As for technical position employees, we have repeatedly provided detailed training to not only those who have been promoted but also a wide range of enrolled personnel.
For the development of management executives, we have continued to implement the "Management School (since FY2013)" (for department managers) and the "Advanced Management School (since 2017)" (for executive officers). For managers (technical position personnel), we have started training for prospective managers, such as training before becoming a team leader, and also conducted regular follow-up training on communication and policy management for after assuming the position of manager.

Turning COVID-19 into a New Style Training Opportunity

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we were forced to postpone our training programs for the first half of fiscal 2020. However, we took this opportunity to seek a new training style to provide education that better matches our needs in an optimal state, and reviewed our training operations, including decentralized and remote training, video distribution, and e-learning, to ensure and improve training quality. Going forward, we will continue to provide timely and appropriate educational programs to overcome changes in the business environment and develop human resources who can beat the competition.


Number of Participants in Human Resources Training Programs (FY2020)
Program NameBasic and Regular TrainingTraining by Job LevelTraining by NeedsTotal
Number of Participants (persons) 31 1,147 57 1,235

※Target: Sumitomo Riko and domestic group companies
※To prevent COVID-19 infection, some face-to-face training programs (life plan seminars and TOEIC examinations) have been cancelled.

Good Labor-Management Relations

At Sumitomo Riko, in 1987, the company and the labor union concluded the "Labor-Management Declaration," declaring the company's prosperity and the improvement of the stability of people's lives through mutual trust and cooperation between labor and management. Under the spirit of this Labor-Management Declaration, we have established labor-management committees for working hours, wages, safety and health, and welfare, and have been promoting improvements in various systems and treatment.
In the event of business restructuring, etc., we will take sufficient time to explain and discuss the situation. Almost all employees (excluding contract employees, fixed-term employees, and temporary employees) of Sumitomo Riko, except for Managerial position personnel, are members of the labor union.
We aim to build even stronger labor-management relations in the future.

Number of Sumitomo Riko Labor Union members
FY 2018FY 2019FY 2020
Number of union members
/Total number of employees
2,827 / 3,503 3,080 / 3,784 3,102 / 3,765

※The above figures are for regular employees of Sumitomo Riko (including those seconded to other companies, as of the end of each fiscal year).
※Labor unions belong to the All Japan Federation of Rubber Workers Unions, etc.