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Diversity Management


Message from the Chairperson of Diversity Committee


In accordance with the Sumitomo Riko Group Management Philosophy, which states, "We will foster an invigorating corporate culture that respects our employees' diversity, personal qualities, and individuality," promotion of diversity is at the heart of our management. With nearly 80% of Sumitomo Riko Group employees working in countries other than Japan, it has become increasingly important to respect diversity and put it into practice.
Established in 2015 under the CSR Committee, the Diversity Committee, whose membership comprises not only people who are directly involved in the Group's HR but also those from business units, is promoting initiatives from a cross-functional perspective.
Going forward, we will continue to engage proactively in the promotion of diversity, with the aim of fostering globally, across the Group a corporate culture that is accepting of every person’s individuality, regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age, educational background, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability, in which every single person can flourish to their full potential and find reward in their work.
I appreciate our stakeholders' understanding and support of the Group's HR initiatives and commitment to diversity.

Koji Senda
Chairperson of Diversity Committee
Managing Executive Officer

Approach to Diversity Management

The Sumitomo Riko Group Management Philosophy proclaims, "We will foster an invigorating corporate culture that respects our employees' diversity, personal qualities, and individuality." The Group engages in diversity promotion activities to create an environment in which people from diverse backgrounds can work with vigor and enthusiasm.


The Sumitomo Riko Group’s Diversity Logo

The establishment of a dedicated logo symbolizes the Sumitomo Riko Group’s efforts to promote diversity. This logo expresses our determination to unite in the creation of things of value through connections between people and links between diverse individuality, as a symbol of Sumitomo Riko’s active engagement in diversity.

Diversity Promotion Structure

At Sumitomo Riko, the Diversity Committee, a sub-committee of the CSR Committee, and the Diversity Promotion Office are taking the initiative to communicate the principles of diversity throughout the Group and to put measures in place. The Diversity Promotion Office also works with other relevant departments, including the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, the Human Resources Department, the Human Resources Development Department, and the Group HR Planning and Management Office to establish specific systems and improve the environment within the company.

Figure: Diversity Promotion Structure

Mid-term Vision, Results and Challenges for Diversity

Mid-term vision

Sumitomo Riko has established a vision that revolves around three axes and strives to promote diversity in the Group worldwide through engagement in this vision.

Three axes

  1. Empowerment of diverse people for success in work: Mindset reform toward independent success
  2. Work style reform: Establish comfortable workplace environments for all employees of all kinds
  3. Mindset reform and cultivation of corporate culture: Deepen understanding in workplaces, invigorate individuals
Figure: Mid-term Vision, Results and Challenges for Diversity

Key diversity challenges and outcomes in FY2019

ThemeKey Diversity Challenges in FY2019FY2019 Actual
Empowerment of diverse people for success in work Women account for 30% of all new recruits
  • - 28.6% (March 2020). Target unachieved
  • - Stronger coordination with recruitment team; 3.2% increase from previous year
Promote employment of people with disabilities (legally prescribed minimum employment rate: 2.20%)
  • - 2.29% (March 2020, includes two Group companies). Target achieved
  • - Started accepting two temporarily assigned employees from special-purpose subsidiary, SumiRiko Joyful
  • - Established new promotion framework and strengthened connections with schools for recruitment purposes
Clarify and analyze actual situation to create comfortable workplace environments Interviewed foreign national employees for purposes of revising personnel systems
Work style reform
  • - Conducted in-house stress check, Iki-Iki Shindan
  • - Promoted workplace improvement activities based on outcomes of group analysis
Examine and improve current reforms of systems Implemented fixed-point observation of in-house programs
Strengthen support programs for employees balancing work with parenting or nursing care responsibilities Nursing care
  • - Established direct help line offering free advice from external experts (Number of calls received in FY2019: 8)
  • - Conducted seminars on balancing work and family responsibilities (5 seminars attended by approx. 100 people)
  • - Conducted tour of on-site daycare center and program information session for employees on parenting leave (7 participants)
  • - Ascertained needs through interviews before taking parenting leave and before return to work and conducted trial
Mindset reform and cultivation of corporate culture Strengthening of information dissemination capabilities
  • - Published bimonthly “What is Diversity?” column in in-house magazine, Mitsukumi
  • - Launched monthly diversity newsletter
  • - Revamped G. Portal intranet website
Awareness-raising activities through various training programs
  • - Included diversity training in all position-specific training programs (over 20 times, total of over 630 trainees)
  • - Conducted 3rd SWING Forum for Women in the Sumitomo Electric Group (25 participants)
  • - Conducted Life Plan Seminars for senior employees (6 seminars attended by 155 employees)
Certification schemes
  • - Made use of Tomonin nursing care support scheme
  • - Took Nadeshiko Brand challenge
Global management Survey to clarify the actual situation at overseas bases
  • - Survey conducted in summer 2019, responses received from 11 companies

Key diversity challenges in FY2020

ThemeKey Diversity Challenges in FY2020
Empowerment of diverse people for success in work [Ongoing] Follow up on recruitment efforts toward 30% target for female recruits
[Ongoing] Promote employment of people with disabilities (legally prescribed minimum employment rate: 2.30%)
Raise employees’ motivation through career design (senior/female employees)
Work style reform [Ongoing] Support workplace improvement activities through Iki-Iki Shindan
[Ongoing] Support for balancing work with parenting or nursing care responsibilities
Support for balancing work and medical treatment
Mindset reform and cultivation of corporate culture [Ongoing] Active dissemination of information (in-house magazine, newsletter, intranet website)
[Ongoing] Activities to raise awareness about diversity through training and events (position-specific training, various events)
[Ongoing] Continue processes for certification schemes and confirm external evaluations
(Use of in-house databases to visualize relevant figures and confirm position relative to our competitors)
Global management Develop policies for connecting with overseas bases and methods of sharing information