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Health Management Initiatives

Health Management Initiatives

We believe that the health, both physical and mental, of all employees of the Sumitomo Riko Group and their families is a “Management Foundation that supports the Sound and Sustainable Growth of the Company”, and have therefore established the "Sumitomo Riko Group Health Management Declaration”.

Sumitomo Riko Group's Health and Productivity Management Statement

The Sumitomo Riko Group places importance on managing the health of our employees and promotes initiatives to achieve "Health and Productivity Management Statement."
Based on this Health and Productivity Management Statement, we will increase health awareness among our workforce by actively supporting employees engaged in health improvement activities and implementing organizational measures for health improvement, as we aim to become "a corporate group that is highly regarded and trusted by society and whose employees work healthily and energetically".

April 1, 2017

Recognized as "Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)" for the fifth consecutive year


In March 2021, our company was certified as "Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500)" for the fifth consecutive year. The health management of our employees is an important role of the company, and the Health Care Office of the Human Resources Department plays a central role in our efforts to create a health activity for each employee and a vibrant organization, in cooperation with the health management staff of each Group company.

Health Policy Indicators

Rate of regular health checkups taken 100% 100% 100%
Percentage of employees who smoke 31.6% 30.9% Less than 25%
Percentage of employees who exercise regularly (Note 1) 19.5% 21.8% 30% or more
Number of participants in walking events/time 309 people 449 people 1,000 people or more
Number of participants in health promotion training 1,199 people 1,375 people 1,500 people or more

(Note 1) Exercise habits are defined as exercising lightly for 30 minutes or more at a time, twice a week or more, and continuing exercise under these conditions for 1 year or more.

Initiatives for three priority measures

(1) Health improvement activities

Every day at the start of work, all employees participate in health exercises in order to promote safety measures, build a healthy body, and develop exercise habits. In particular, in order to increase the ratio of employees who exercise regularly, we have introduced a health point system in cooperation with the Health Insurance Society since fiscal 2020 to raise employees' health awareness. In addition to instructions and trainings for all employees, we also provide training tailored to the needs of each workplace.
Furthermore, we also distribute audio-based training videos on our intranet as countermeasures against infectious diseases.


Health Building Exercise


Workplace training: Physical fitness measurement

(2) Mental Health Measures

At our company, we have the following in-house training programs for all employees
(1) In-house training on mental health
(2) Individual consultation with psychiatrists
At the same time, we are implementing comprehensive mental health measures, such as early response by industrial health staff to employees with mental health problems, and measures to prevent recurrence and support them in returning to work using our original reinstatement program.
Moreover, by utilizing stress checks, we are working on KAIZEN activities by each workplace with self-care measures and results of group analysis done by managers and supervisors (line care).


Self-care workplace training


Letter to make   
employees aware of   
mental health   


For good sleeping

(3) Lifestyle-related disease measures
Smart Club activities - Health seminars on women’s cancers, etc.

As one of the measures to prevent lifestyle-related diseases, we are conducting group activities to lose weight and improve our lifestyle habits. (Smart Club Activities)
In addition, in order for women to work energetically, we hold "Women's Seminars" with themes such as cancer countermeasures specific to women and responses to menopausal disorders. In fiscal 2020, 250 employees, including men, participated in a web-based training program as part of measures against infectious diseases.


Smart Club: Tasting of tea designated as
“food for specified health uses”


Women's Seminar web materials

Measures against Passive Smoking and Smoking Cessation

With the goal of reducing the smoking rate by 5% or more by 2022 compared to 2019, we have set the 22nd of every month as the "Swan Swan Day (no smoking day) " and are patrolling outdoor smoking areas to encourage people to quit smoking. Also, some business sites conduct activities to promote smoking cessation, such as holding non-smoking classes with the cooperation of the city in which they are located.


Non-smoking classes in cooperation with the local administration in which the business sites located


Quit smoking poster

Cooperation with group companies/Support for internal subcontractors.


Internal subcontractors’ training

To promote health improvement measures among employees of the Sumitomo Riko Group, we have strengthened our collaboration with all Group companies in Japan to conduct health improvement activities, such as holding our original health training programs at affiliated companies.
We also provide training support for our internal subcontractors.

Communicating outcomes of Sumitomo Riko Group health improvement activities outside the Group


Presentation at the 79th National Industrial Safety and Health Convention

At events such as the National Industrial Safety and Health Convention and meetings of the Japan Society for Occupational Health, we present the outcomes of our various initiatives to maintain and improve the health of our employees, such as our passive smoking prevention measures and quit-smoking campaigns, our return-to-work program for people recovering from mental illness based on objective indicators, and our workplace improvement activities using stress check surveys.

Strengthening of collaboration between the company, labor union, and the Health Insurance Society


Listening training for labor union officers at Saitama Plant

Currently, not only the company and the Health Insurance Society are working together to effectively implement health promotion, but also the company, the labor union, and the health insurance union are holding regular liaison meetings to strengthen cooperation among the three parties and engage in disease prevention and health promotion activities for employees.

Social Contribution: Education of students of Health Care Nursing


Student Practice from the
Department of Health Care Nursing

Every year, we accept students of Health Care Nursing of nearby universities and conduct industrial nursing trainings.
Providing places to learn about industrial nursing is one of Sumitomo's social contributions to neighboring communities.
It also leads to the understanding of industrial nursing being disseminated through students.