Safety and Health
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Safety and Health Management


Message from the Chairperson of Safety and Health Commitee


The Sumitomo Riko Group positions safety as its most important management issue and pursues Monozukuri (manufacturing) in which “safty is our top priority,” based on our Safety Philosophy and the 10 Principles of Safety. The Safety and Health Committee, whose members are managers of business units, proposes policies concerning safety, health and wellbeing, and promotes, audits, and guides relevant activities.
In the 2022 Sumitomo Riko Group Vision (2022V), with the goal of building a safety culture, we will work toward the public-value target of “zero occupational accidents” through the reduction of machinery-related and operational environment risks, the standardization of operations, staff education and training, and the enhancement of workplace patrols and dialogue. In this way, we will engage in improving the safety mindset of our workers and establish a corporate culture in which “safty is our top priority,” As part of our health improvement activities, we have also established a Health and Productivity Management Statement in our aim to be a corporate group whose employees can flourish in good health and vitality.
Through company-wide measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we will accommodate changes in working styles and continue to engage actively in the creation of safe, secure, and healthy workplace environments, to fulfil our corporate responsibility to society and to our employees. I am grateful for our stakeholders’ continued support in these activities.

Shinichi Waku
Chairperson of Safety and Health Committee
Director and Managing Executive Officer

Basics of Safety and Health

Safety Philosophy

Safety is our top priority for happiness of all employees and prosperity of the company. We confirm the safety before starting operations of the day.

10 Principles of Safety

  1. Always keep in mind that safety is our top priority.
  2. Have conviction that all kinds of injuries and industrial diseases are preventable.
  3. It is the responsibility of the company and individuals to establish, sustain, and improve the safe condition.
  4. The management has the direct responsibility to prevent injuries and industrial diseases.
  5. It is the basic responsibility of individuals in the society to follow the rules.
  6. Sufficient education and training must be provided to all employees to ensure safe operations.
  7. Safety and health audit in which all employees take part must be conducted to establish PDCA of the safety and health control system.
  8. Report and investigate all accidents as well as unsafe actions and conditions leading to accidents.
  9. All defects on safety and health must be remediated immediately.
  10. Cooperation and participation of all employees are inevitable to attain our zero-accident goal.

Promotion Structure


Sumitomo Riko Safety Conference

The Sumitomo Riko Safety Conference is held twice a year in spring and fall to share the company-wide target policies and departmental activity plans and initiatives, along with the Safety Commmitment declared by managers and executives from the President down to departmental managers. *1


Safety message from the President



Safety message from the Chairperson
of Safety and Health Committee


*1 To follow through on our principle of “safty is our top priority,” instead of cancelling the Spring 2020 Safety Conference due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we held it on June 8, 2020 with appropriate social distancing measures in place.