General Industry

Food Industry

Rubber Check Valve

It is a check valve that gets the liquid flow direction to one way and blocks the back flow from the other with only one part.
It is a resin part which is an integration of a tube and lid, which uses a silicone material approved by the Food sanitation law.
It is a product intended for the Food industry which was developed due to the fusion of our design technique, evaluation technology, and our clean molding technology.


Ink Tube

It is a tube used for sending ink within the ink jet printers.
Normally, this product will be molded by extrusion molding, but we provide a multi-function integrated tube molded by a mold which uses Butyl rubber for avoiding dryness. We`re manufacturing using our material and molding technology, and also our original manufacturing system.


Cosmetics Container Valve

It is a pumping valve for shampoos and perfumes.
We originally design and provide the designated composition that best meets the various types of liquid used.

Medical Equipment

Medical Bio・Microchannel Chip for Food Industry

It is a Microchannel chip for Next-generation analytical instruments, which was made by using highly transparent silicone rubber with excellent optical properties, and by utilizing the Submicron ultra-precision molding technology and the clean molding technology.
Our technology supports the world’s state-of-the-art technology from the shadows.


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