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Proposed by Sumitomo Riko, a professional in polymer material formulation technology High-resolution, eco-friendly water-washable flexo plates for people


Product specifications

Flexo printing contributes to reducing global environmental impact and improving comfort in the work environment.
Introducing the reasons why people choose flexographic printing.


A printing method that can be done without solvents

Friendly to the work environment and global environment


Water-based ink free from residual solvents can meet the needs of food, medical, and sanitation industries.

Degree of freedom

Printing can be done on various substrates (paper, cardboard, film, Japanese paper, resin, non-woven fabric, etc.).

Excellent cost performance with small lots.

What is flexo printing?

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The merits of water-washable flexo plates

Our AquaGreen water-washable flexographic plate not only contributes to reducing environmental impact, but also achieves short-time plate making. In addition, high quality is maintained even in long run printing with a large number of prints.

Short-time plate making

Minimum time washout contributes to efficient and comfortable plate-making for everyone.

Productivity more than 3 times in comparison with solvent plate.

Plate making process details

High quality Long run printing

You will have minimal dot gain and consistency in long printing run.

AquaGreen are hard to gain paper powder, and have excellent ink-transfer.

AquaGreen have excellent ink resistant, wear resistance,weatherability.

Environmental load reduction

Development can be done with tap water (hot water of 40 to 50°C with surfactant added).

No need for solvent reclamation system. VOC emission will be eliminated.

Remarkable improvement of the productivity.

Shortening of the wait ime for press.

Quick reprocessing at the time of a trouble.

Cost effective processing.

Solvent & waste fluid processing free.

High speed plate processing reduces the cost for lighting and fuel.

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Product specifications

Plate Structure Detail

Plate Structure Detail

*1:The hardness is our measurements. *2:Please contact our sales representatives for details on product sizes and the number of plates per case for each thickness.Numerical values are not guaranteed. Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Sumitomo Riko technology

AquaGreen was developed by combining manufacturing technologies cultivated by Sumitomo Riko such as polymer material formulation technology, high-precision molded sheeting technology, structural design technology, characteristic and plate making evaluation technology, etc.

AquaGreen’s features (Digital plate)

Feature(1) Halftone reproducibility

The influence of oxygen hardening inhibition, which is a demerit of digital plates, is lessened, and it is possible to reproduce halftones as designed.

With AquaGreen, halftones are highly reproducible as designed (Ø16μ = 175Lpi / 1% Ø16μ is easily reproduced).

Image control in platemaking work is easy, and image data processing and platemaking work is simple.

Structure Details

Feature(2) Halftone tone

With AquaGreen, the gradation of the halftone micro dot diameter is high, making clean, sharp print reproduction possible.

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