We`ve enabled speedy product development by improving and refining our original technology.


No burrs and no loss Manufacturing Method

Although it`s known to be obvious that burrs normally appear in rubber molding processes, we pursued the development 20 years ago, that makes the burrs and losses to zero and now it is a common technology. Due to this effort, we were able to reduce the cost for the material and the finishing process.

Image processing inspection

We manufacture over 3 billion pieces of water proof connector seals per month for automobiles, and for most of them, we conduct an automatic inspection using our original image processing machine which guarantees complete quality assurance. We will continuously pursue to manage both low cost and high quality.

Rubber/resim monolithic molding

For the past ten years, we`ve been developing the technology to mold monolithically, both rubber and resin which are two completely different materials. Currently, we`re producing various types of products and realizing the customer`s ideal products.

Clean Molding

Due to the customer’s needs of a precise and clean product, we`ve established a clean molding factory in 2010. Currently, it is adopted by Medical equipment parts and food container parts.

Ultra-precision Molding

From January 2012, by furtherly evolving our precise molding technology that has been cultivated till today,we`ve started the mass production of products that needs to have an accuracy by a micron unit.


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