Material Developing Technology

Rubber Mix Technology  
Material Analysis Technology DEX-SEM: Elemental analysis・Electron microscopy/GC:Gas chromatograph/FTIR:Infrared analysis
XRF: X-ray fluorescence analysis/UV-vis: UV analysis
Material Characterization Technology Thermostatic bath with a tensile testing machine/Relaxation test/Gehman torsion testing machine/Anti-voltage testing machine
Other basic physical property testing

Design Technology

Shape Design Technology (3D-CAD)
Precise Molding Design Technology
Stress Analysis Technology
Flow Analysis Technology

Molding Technology

LIM no burrs・no loss molding technology
Image Proccesing Inspection Technology
Composite Material Molding Technology
Clean Manufacturing Technology
Ultra-precision Molding Technology

Product Evaluation Technology

Precision Measurement Technology Lasor Microscope/3-Dimensional size Measurement Technology
Thermal Shock Test(heat cycle testing machine)  
Constant Temperature and Humidity Test  
Sealing Ability Test  
Feeling Test  


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