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Sound / Vibration Control Technology

Improving in-vehicle quietness, safety and comfort

Vibration and noise occurring from the engine and road while driving greatly affects comfort. Particularly in the case of electric vehicles (BEVs), high frequency motor noise buried in the sound of the engine is audible, and as the use of vehicles as a living room or space will increase with the development of autonomous driving, quietness is now more important than ever. Consequently, sound / vibration control technology blocks out vibrations and noise as much as possible and make the ride more comfortable.


Keeping noise and vibration transferred to the body to a minimum

Devices in vehicles such as engines, motors, inverters and air compressors always experience problems with vibration and noise. These vibrations and noise flow from the road to the seats via the body when the vehicle is on the road and it has a direct effect on the comfort of the vehicle. And, while it is necessary to make vehicles smaller and lighter to extend the cruising distance of BEVs, the more a vehicle is downsized, the greater the vibration and noise becomes, and improving comfort remains a major issue.
No matter how much electric vehicles advance, anti-vibration rubber controls the basic functions (driving, turning and stopping) of the vehicle and is a major system for providing comfort and steering stability. Due to the advancement of CASE, we anticipate that demand for anti-vibration rubber to provide “comfort” will increase.


Suppressing noise / vibration and creating a comfortable ride with original materials

We developed a vibration control damper utilizing Sumitomo Riko original polymer materials technology. While this is a simple structure made of rubber and metal, it has high damping performance and has succeeded in reducing vibration transferred to the inside of the vehicle. Furthermore, controlling vibration increases steering stability and provides greater comfort while driving.
We also developed a urethane foam material with high anti-noise properties to prevent the particular noise emitted from the motor and BEV drive unit. In addition to noise control, by combining high level heat sink performance, we anticipate that there will be whole vehicle benefits not only in terms of quietness, but also by reducing the number of parts through the simplification of the cooling structure, and weight and space saving.
Taking the approach from both vibration and noise contributes to vehicle comfort.

Related Products

Damper braces for vehicles

* Product cut sample

Damper braces for vehicles

Damper braces contain “high damping special viscoelastic material” that absorb the heat energy transformed from the vibration energy and thermal energy utilizing our polymer materials technology. This can also be installed in limited and narrow spaces by utilizing its highly free design, a characteristic of rubber materials.

MIF (Magnetic Induction Foaming)

MIF(Magnetic Induction Foaming)

While this is a foam substance, we have achieved heat dissipation performance 10-50 time of general soundproof urethane as material that balances “heat dissipation” and “soundproofing” utilizing the mixing technology developed by Sumitomo Riko. We anticipate that this heat dissipation soundproofing materials will meet a broad range of need including electrical appliances in the future.

Heat dissipation test

This measures the surface temperature of the soundproofing cover installed on the motor using infrared thermography. In comparison to general installation, the temperature is 15℃ or more at the time of MIF installation and it removes the heat from the motor, and it effectively disperses heat externally.

Soundproofing test

Noise generated from the motor can be observed by the sound camera. When MIF has been installed, the amount of noise is clearly smaller than when it is not installed. It can achieve a noise reduction effect of approximately 10dB in some circumstances.

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