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Utilizing "materials" as an asset to accelerate CASE


People have finally become aware of the imminent risks to humanity posed by the adverse effects of climate change and other consequences of greenhouse gas emissions. As the movement to make society carbon-neutral speeds up on a global scale, automobiles are becoming more carbon-neutral, in other words, society is demanding Electric. In Japan, the demand for electric vehicles is predicted to continually increase with calls to prohibit the sale of new gasoline vehicles by the mid-2030s. Furthermore, automobiles are expected to contain more IT functions with the introduction of 5G. And, with the introduction of high speed mass communications, large-scale information services which provide not only driving and traffic conditions, but also biometric information on drivers and passengers will also become available. As such, the future holds a great change in concept of vehicles with vehicle safety and passenger comfort set to increase to a high level and drivers to become relieved from driving.

The automotive industry is facing a once in a 100-years paradigm shift. As the market environment experiences massive changes due to large platform companies newly entering the market and other factors, it is vital that the automotive industry becomes even more competitive to ensure that it continues to lead global innovation. An important being point raised here is the keyword “CASE”. This is an acronym which refers to complete automated driving, “Autonomous”, providing and sharing services to move vehicles (Shared & Services), and the power source used by hybrid vehicles (HEV/PHEV), electric vehicles (BEV), and fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) which use electricity, “Electric”.

High quality materials and products are essential to raise CASE to a practical level and implement it throughout the world. We, at Sumitomo Riko, are a MONOZUKURI company that makes consistent efforts to ensure such materials, components, products and systems from start to finish. We will create products which add new value to such vehicles through the advanced technology behind the “power of materials”. We will accelerate CASE while anticipating ways to resolve future global issues such as air pollution, environmental destruction, climate change and traffic accidents and contributing to the development of society.

Sumitomo Riko


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