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90th Anniversary


90th Anniversary of the Foundation of Sumitomo Riko

Sumitomo Riko Company Limited (Headquarters: Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi; Representative Director and President & CEO: Tetsu Matsui) celebrates its 90th anniversary, Friday, December 20, 2019. Over the 90 years since our foundation in Yokkaichi-shi, Mie on this day in 1929, our business operations have evolved due to the support and patronage of many people. Once again, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone concerned.

Our company was founded in 1929 as Showa Kogyo Co., Ltd. A year later, in 1930, the company changed its name to Kabata Chotai (Belt) Co., Ltd. and began to manufacture rubber belts (a field that we withdraw from in 2003 due to a transfer of business). Following capital participation by Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works (now Sumitomo Electric Industries,Ltd.) in 1937, we changed our name to “Tokai Rubber Industries Ltd.” Having entered the automotive parts business in the 1950s making anti-vibration rubber products, hoses, etc., which are currently our core products, in 1961 we changed our Japanese company name, replacing the Chinese characters for “Rubber” with Japanese katakana characters.

Yokkaichi Factory in 1942

Founder: Zenzo Kabata

  • Yokkaichi Factory in 1942

  • Founder: Zenzo Kabata

Afterward, in 2014, we changed our name to “Sumitomo Riko Company Limited” as part of a drive to expand into new businesses and new areas. The new name combines the well-trusted global brand “Sumitomo” with the word “Riko” meaning the technologies of science and engineering, as exemplified by our polymer materials technology.

The automotive industry, in which we conduct our main business operations, is in a major transition phase, a “once-in-a-century period of massive transformation.” Faced with a wave of unprecedented changes known as “CASE*,” we are entering a challenging era that we will not survive by simply expanding our existing businesses. While technological innovation and change are happening far faster than before not only in the automotive industry but throughout all industry, environmental measures and corporate responsibility are becoming increasingly serious. We must face challenges in an expeditious and bold manner, leveraging our technical capabilities developed since our founding, and our pride as a MONOZUKURI company.

The Sumitomo Riko Group will continue to move steadily forward, one step at a time, for the next ten years until our 100th anniversary. Based on “integrity and sound management” and “no chasing easy gains” as stated in the Sumitomo Spirit, and while steadily implementing “S.E.C.-Q. (Safety, Environment, Compliance, Quality),” the foundation of our business operations, we aim to grow into the kind of “Global Excellent Manufacturing Company” the world needs, “a corporation that contributes to safety, comfort, and the environment for people, society and the earth.” Please look forward to the coming decade of the Sumitomo Riko Group.

* C: Connected, A: Autonomous, S: Sharing, E: Electrification

  • Representative Director and President & CEO:

    Tetsu Matsui

  • Representative Director and President & CEO:

    Tetsu Matsui

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