Regarding New Year Greeting 关于新年致辞


This year, all the New Year’s events, including the customer’s New Year’s party, have been canceled.
We have also cancelled meetings with our suppliers and distributors and replaced them with video messages.
So, my schedule for the beginning of the year is now free.


Therefore, in order to put into practice this year’s slogan, “Creating a corporate culture that responds flexibly to change without being bound by past concepts”, I decided to use the free time to send out a clear New Year’s message to our group members, preferably face to face.
The overseas sites were divided into North America and the rest of the world in consideration of the time difference, and conducted twice on the web.
For the domestic sites, we planned to conduct more than a dozen sessions, with a small number of people, at intervals, and with sufficient countermeasures against coronavirus infection.
Nevertheless, a state of emergency was declared and some of the events were changed to be held on the web, while the Tokyo and Osaka areas were unfortunately postponed.
If possible, I would like to tell you about it in person in the future when things settle down.

今年的口号是“构建不固守传统观念、灵活适应变化的企业文化”,为了践行该口号,我打算利用空出来的时间在本集团内部发布年初致辞,尽可能采用Face to Face(面对面)的形式切实举行。

However, it was a great gain for me to be able to visit the two bases of Sumi Riko Yamagata and Fuji Susono Plant before the situation got worse like now.
I was concerned because I had not been able to visit there since I took office, but I was reassured and encouraged to see that everyone was working diligently in spite of the difficulties.
In particular, at the Fuji Susono Plant, I was able to have a meeting with a small group of union officers after their greetings, as they had requested.
In the midst of many difficult situations, they asked me specific questions, and I was able to express my honest thoughts and we could exchange various opinions.
After the meeting, I received a comment from a union member who attended it as follows,
“Remote communication is necessary, but I realized that face-to-face communication is more effective.”
I think we were able to understand each other a little better through direct communication.

实施会谈之后,也得到了工会诸位“切实感受到虽然远程有必要,但还是Face to Face(面对面)的形式能更好地交流传达”的反馈。

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we have to further promote work that can be done via the web or remote work as well as “”reporting, communication, and consultation” from the perspective of time efficiency.
However, it is impossible to carry out manufacturing from home, and I believe that face to face is also important for communication with the people working at the manufacturing site.
Of course, we have to take thorough measures to prevent infection.
Regarding how to combine these work elements in a well-balanced manner, let’s carefully consider and address together with managers and supervisors from now on.

但是,生产作业无法居家进行,为了与奋斗在生产现场的诸位进行沟通交流,我认为Face to Face(面对面)这一形式还是极为重要的。


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