SumiRiko Metex 住理工Metex


Last December, I visited SumiRiko Metex (SRK-M) located in the Komaki Plant.
SRK-M manufactures metal fittings that are indispensable for anti-vibration rubber and hose products.
The company has about 170 employees and they support our group’s manufacturing with their specialized knowledge and advanced technology.
The term “anti-vibration rubber” may sound like it mainly consists of rubber, but in order to assemble it onto the engine or car body, metal fittings are required, and the rubber and metal fittings are molded into a single piece to make the product.
Adhesion technology to unite different materials, and design and evaluation technology to satisfy performance requirements while uniting these separate parts are also major strengths of our group.


History  成立经过

This company has a long history and was founded in 1965.
At that time, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. our parent company, was also manufacturing anti-vibration rubber for automobiles and railroad vehicles, which overlapped with our business domain.
Around 1964, Sumitomo Electric’s anti-vibration rubber business was transferred to the Komaki Plant, which led to the establishment of a new company within the Komaki Plant in 1965 by Taiyo Metal Industries, which had been outsourcing metal fittings to Sumitomo Electric.
In 1967, our company took a stake in the company, which officially made it one of our group companies in 1974, changing its name as it went along.


My message on the visit  当日所传达之事

I thanked them for not only carrying out their respective duties, but also for taking on the challenge of developing new manufacturing methods.
Variations in the quality of metal fittings are directly related to the quality of the final product, so I asked them for continuous improvement activities.
I also conveyed my wish that the manufacturing process improvement as explained by them that day should be continued to increase our cost competitiveness.
In addition, I would like SRK-M to play an important role of becoming the mother plant to spread the key points to other business units and bases.


Some companies in our group, such as SRK-M, have been spun off in order to raise the awareness of their employees and have them grow as a group of professionals.
On the other hand, doing so may create a kind of “wall” even if we are not aware of it.
I would like all of us to have both a positive sense of responsibility as “our own company” for our own growth and a sense of companionship for the growth of our entire group.



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