New Year’s Message for 2021 2021年新年伊始


Happy New Year, everyone!
Since December last year, coronavirus infections have spread again, and the mood of self-restraint has settled in.
Therefore, I am sure that many of you have spent this holiday season at home.
As for me, I walked the nearby walking course every day, went to the library as usual, borrowed any books I could think of and read them, and had a relaxing holiday season.
Well in the first half of last year, we were forced to operate our business under severe conditions due to the worldwide lockdown.
On the contrary, in the second half, orders surged, and all the employees worked really hard to deal with the situation. I would like to thank all of you for your great efforts.
Even as the new year begins, the outlook is still unclear, with no prospect of the infection being brought under control yet, not only in Japan, but also in Europe and the United States.
However, we know what we have to do. Let’s take good measures to prevent infection, meet the needs of customers, and we will steadily fulfill our respective missions. We will never give in to the coronavirus.


Happy news  好消息

Although there has been a lot of gloomy news, there has been some good news.
As we announced at the end of the year, our “cell gaskets” have been adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation’s fuel cell vehicle (FCV) “New MIRAI”, as they have been since the first generation.
On the other hand, the thin-film high heat insulating material “Finesulight”, which was originally developed for use in electric vehicles (EVs), was introduced as a special pad for thermal sheets to keep food warm in order to contribute to the food delivery in the Corona pandemic.
We have also started production of steering touch sensors, which are compatible with automated driving.
So far, we have focused only on the loss of fuel hoses and engine mounts as the shift to EVs proceeds, but battery cooling hoses and motor mounts will become new commercial products, and sales can be maintained.
Also, during the previous dialogue with investors, we have repeatedly appealed that in EVs and FCVs, we aim to expand sales by developing totally new products such as “sensing,” “thermal management,” and “sealing”.
In other words, even as the shift to EVs advances, I think we can maintain and increase the number of parts installed per vehicle by having customers adopt more of our products with added-value such as improved quietness and new products such as steering touch sensors.
I feel that the R&D, manufacturing, and sales efforts of our members have paid off and led to this happy news.
Of course, we cannot be complacent, as our competitors in Japan and abroad are also focusing on expanding sales by taking advantage of their prices and geographical advantages.
As for the success cases, I hope that the reasons of the success will be well analyzed and shared not only among business units but also globally beyond the border of business units.


New for each day  日新月异

This year, in order to prevent the spread of the infection, we have decided to forgo the traditional gathering of many people to give a speech.
Instead, please read the message from Chairman Matsui and myself in the January issue of the in-house newsletter.
On top of that, you can also read it on RIKO2.
However, I still wanted to greet everyone face to face, so I decided to divide the greetings into small groups and greet everyone a dozen times.
Since we are a small group, I would like to hear your opinions on the spot.
In particular, we determined this year’s slogan as “Creating a corporate culture that responds flexibly to change without being bound by past concepts”.
Not being satisfied with conventional jobs, let’s accelerate reforms and improvement keeping up with the changing times.
There are only three months left in this fiscal year, but 2021 has just begun.
This year, too, we will comply with S.E.C.-Q. (Safety, Environment, Compliance and Quality), faithfully observe” Shinyo-kakujitsu” and “Fusu-furi” and we will do our best in our daily work with the spirit of “Banji-nissei“.



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