Looking Back at 2020 回顾2020年


I know it’s a little early, but I would like to thank all of our employees for your hard work in 2020.
Of course, some of you are working during the New Year holidays for security and other reasons.
Thank you very much.
I really would like to extend my gratitude to everyone for your hard work over the past year.

When looking back on 2020, we are reminded that everything was affected by coronavirus.
Automobile production came to a halt in many parts of the world, and our group was greatly impacted.
However, production recovered more than we had expected from July, and we were forced to turn around and respond to increased production.
On the other hand, in general industrial products, high-pressure hoses performed well, especially in China, and we had them continue to operate at full capacity.
In such a business environment, I am sure that it must have been really difficult to carry out production activities with thorough disinfection and wearing masks in the extreme heat.
Because of everyone’s sincere and diligent efforts, we were able to meet the demands of our customers, which led to our brighter interim financial results.



Appointed as President  就任社长

Well, as for me, I was appointed as President and CEO in June.
When I first took office, people around me often said, “How can you become president at such a difficult time? ……
However, from the very beginning, I have answered those people like this, “It is great for me to be the president at a time like this”.
That’s because I have been feeling that it is a time when all the employees are sharing a sense of crisis, and we could all move in one direction together.
I feel that we have made some progress in the honest communication that I have been asking for since I took office.
Also, as I mentioned in my blog, we were able to conduct individual communication with our employees about 40 times in the past six months, with thorough infection prevention.
I would like to thank each and every one of you for sharing your stories with me.


What has changed  发生的变化

Transformation into a “more muscular corporate structure” has been our mission since Chairman Matsui was president.
Low profitability had been a problem for a long time, but we had been gradually making improvements thanks to the cooperation of our employees through company-wide activities such as the Re-do Zero program.
However, if you review the first quarter financial results, you will see that the damage caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic was so severe that it pushed down the profitability significantly.
However, in order to turn this crisis into a chance, I asked each department to thoroughly eliminate waste since I became the president.
In addition, we abolished and reviewed meetings that were only for reporting to executives, and were able to drastically reduce overhead costs.
In the future, as the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, there will be an increase in overhead costs on things such as overseas business trips. At that stage I would like you to review the ways we spend money and decide where to really invest after thoroughly considering cost effectiveness and other factors.
For example, I think we have realized that meetings and events that require travel can be replaced by remote meetings.
Not all of them can be replaced, but I hope that these improvements should be continuously implemented.
In addition, I started the President’s Blog in June to stimulate communication among us. The blog is sent out once a week, and a total of 25 posts were made so far.
I would like to continue this blog in the future, so I would appreciate it if all employees would read it and comment on your thoughts and feelings.
You can comment on the blog or email me directly.
In December, we also started RIKO2, an information notification tool for Sumitomo Riko.
We would like to communicate in a way that suits the times, and I hope that each workplace will further enhance communication.

从以前开始就备受收益性低下问题所困扰,但是在各位员工的不懈努力之下已在逐步改善,比如在全公司范围推行Re-do Zero活动等。
但遗憾的是新冠疫情的突袭给收益性低下问题带来了进一步的下行影响, 给我们造成了不小的影响,关于这一点相信重新回顾第一季度的财务决算就可以知道。

How to spend the year-end and New Year holidays  如何度过岁末年初

Well, it’s almost the end of the year and the beginning of the new year.
Due to the influence of the third wave of coronavirus, some of you may not be going home this year.
I’m planning to exercise and go to the library as usual.
I’m also planning to have time to make plans for next year and beyond.
I am sure that many of you are also busy with family matters, but why don’t you set aside a little time to think about your goals for the coming year?

Then everybody, I wish you all have a good year-end and new year holiday.




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