Many inquiries for “Finesulight” 多方咨询“Finesulight”


We have received inquiries from various companies about our thin-film high heat insulating material “Finesulight” which was released by our company in September.
“Finesulight” is a product that applies our core competence in polymer materials technology. It is a coating agent made from a highly insulating filler (silica aerogel) that has tiny, nano-sized holes, which is so fine that even air cannot move through them.
By coating this onto a base material such as non-woven fabric or molded resin, it becomes a thin, flexible, and highly innovative heat insulator that exhibits higher heat insulation properties than static air.
“Finesulight” is a coined word combining Fine (fine) + insulate (heat insulation) + light (light), and means “fine, light, and high-performance heat insulation material”.


※ Logo of “Finesulight”  Finesulight的徽标

Development History  开发过程

Initially, we started development of this product in order to respond to the accelerating development competition of electrified vehicles (EVs, etc.) on a global scale.
As automobiles become more electric, they will be powered entirely by electricity, so the challenge for the industry will be how to conserve energy in order to maintain a long cruising distance.
In this respect, installing our “Finesulight” in cars will lead to power savings in heating and cooling, and its thin film and light weight will also contribute to energy saving significantly.
Since this product has the great advantage of being lightweight and can be installed in narrow gaps or spaces, we have received inquiries from a wide range of companies and industries, including those for home appliances, housing, and cold storage boxes, which require thermal measures after press release.


Purpose of Release  发布目的

Up until now, we have announced to people outside the company by means of media releases, etc., only after the product has been completed.
However, unlike automotive products, which take two to three years from order receipt to commercialization, general industrial products can be commercialized immediately, depending on the collaborating parties.
In the past, we used to think how to apply our products, but this time, we decided to send out our message to let people (companies) know. The message is “We have these kinds of technologies and products. Please contact us if you are interested.”
Actually, many companies were still looking for high-performance insulation products as we expected, and to our great pleasure, we received many inquiries as a result.


One example of its applications: Contributing to Food Delivery under the Coronavirus Pandemic  采用事例:在新冠疫情期间为食品配送做出贡献

Currently, the need for food delivery services is rapidly increasing due to coronavirus.
As the temperature is getting colder and colder this season, it is necessary to keep the food warmer and for longer to improve user satisfaction.
Under such an environment, our company’s “Finesulight” was adopted as a dedicated pad for the “HEAToGo”, which is heating sheet for food delivery developed by S.T. Corporation and ORUSEN, LTD. jointly. And we announced this case the other day.
The Chunichi Shimbun (newspaper company) gave us high profile coverage about the product because it has the ability to keep food originally at 85 degrees Celsius above 70 degrees Celsius even after 30 minutes.
Since this product can be applied to a variety of base materials other than nonwoven fabrics, we will continue to develop it further with an eye to much wider perspectives without limiting the applications and fields.

I believe that the development of technologies and products in the area of thermal management will lead to our goal of becoming “a corporation that contributes to safety, comfort, and the environment for people, society, and the earth”.
Let’s continue to contribute to the improvement of comfort and energy efficiency in people’s lives.

因此,S.T. CORPORATION和株式会社ORUSEN共同开发的食品配送专用发热贴“HEAToGo”采用了Finesulight作为专用填充物,并于日前进行了发布。



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