Sumi-Riko Yamagata, the Mother Plant for General-Purpose Anti-Vibration Rubber Products 减震橡胶通用产品的母工厂“住理工山形”

Other bases

My next inspection after Matsusaka Plant was Sumi-Riko Yamagata located in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture.
However, since we are now in the midst of the corona pandemic, I consulted with the secretariat and decided to conduct our first web visit.
Thanks to prior coordination by the secretariat, we were able to understand what was being reported, even on the remote inspection, and were able to see both the documents and the field on two different screens.
In the future, depending on our ingenuity and communication capacity, I thought it might be possible to have WEB inspections also for overseas bases .
But when I go to a factories, I’m so concerned about all kinds of things that I see there, so I often don’t follow the schedule made by the secretariat, and I start talking to people in the worksite each time.
That, unfortunately, is not possible on the web.
Therefore, next time I will definitely go to Yamagata!


Regarding Sumi-Riko Yamagata  关于住理工山形

Sumi-Riko Yamagata is a new plant, which was established in 2015 and started operation in 2016.
They manufacture automotive anti-vibration rubber, which is essential for safe and comfortable driving of automobiles.
They supply products quickly in response to customers’ orders from “northern Kanto” to  “Tohoku” area.
In the Automotive Anti-Vibration Rubber business, Komaki Plant is the mother factory for mechanized and automated manufacturing.
On the other hand, Summit Riko Yamagata is positioned as the mother plant for general-purpose products, which require many manual processes.
The Group’s production bases are spread out globally, and there are many plants in Asia and South America that manufacture general-purpose products.
Sumi- Riko Yamagata’s role is to develop unified manufacturing know-how in order to reduce quality variations between locations.


What I told them that day  当日所传达之事

I could clearly see that Sumi-Riko Yamagata has been proceeding Kaizen(improvement),being aware that they are a global mother plant even within the Automotive Anti-Vibration Business Headquarters,
In addition, I conveyed the following two points;
(1) I would like them to share the Kaizen cases quickly across the world’s plants.
(2) At that time, I hope that Sumi-Riko Yamagata will always continue to make further Kaizen and stay one step ahead of other plants.

As is often said, “There is No End in Kaizen activities.” I would like to see everyone to be aware of this philosophy once again and come up with Kaizen ideas together.
Of course, this is a request not only to Sumi-RikoYamagata, but to all executives and employees in our group.
Let’s work together to recover in the second half of the year.




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