Establishment of a joint laboratory with AIST (The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) 设立与产综研的共同研究室


As announced in our press release, we have established the “Sumitomo Riko-AIST Advanced Polymer Device Joint Laboratory” with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
As one of the largest public research institutes in Japan, AIST serves as a bridge between Japan’s industries and society by creating technologies that are useful to society, putting them to practical use, and commercializing on innovative technological seed projects.

正如日前发布的新闻公告所宣,本公司与国立研究开发法人 产业技术综合研究所(产综研)共同设立了“住友理工-产综研 先进高分子设备合作研究室”。

Strategic Partnership  建立合作关系

Our parent company, Sumitomo Electric Industries, has already been running a joint laboratory with AIST from before, and is successfully linking its research results to business.
We have also been collaborating with various universities and research institutes as part of our open innovation program.
I visited their Tsukuba headquarters in Ibaraki Prefecture to explore the possibility of collaboration with AIST and exchanged opinions with the board members in order to further develop our partnership.
Everyone I met has a high level of insight, and I believe that the findings and research results of the Human Mobility Research Center in the field of Information and Ergonomics, in particular, will greatly advance our sensing technology.

产综研的各位都拥有远见卓识,特别是“信息、人类工学领域Human-Centered Mobility Research Center ”的见解和研究成果,我认为可以极大地促进本公司传感技术的发展。

Purpose of the Collaborative Laboratory  合作研究室的目的

The established laboratory aims to contribute to the safety, security and comfort of people in all aspects of their lives by integrating the advanced technologies developed by Sumitomo Riko and the research fruits of AIST.
Specifically, we will conduct experimental research using a vehicle equipped with a sensing device to simulate actual driving conditions to determine the extent to which it is possible to estimate the information and condition of living human bodies.
In this context, we will create high value-added products and solutions by advancing our comprehensive evaluation technology and establishing various technologies that we are still developing.
I think we should aim to contribute to the further development of the mobility society as a global system supplier.
As the first step, I think we can start with driver monitoring systems and then expand the scope to include steering touch sensors and haptics to make it more advanced.
In the future, it will be possible to use AIST’s research results and facilities on a priority basis, which is expected to contribute greatly to the development of our company, not only in the automotive products sector, but also in the general industrial products sector.

作为全球系统供应商,我们的目标是为移动社会(Mobility Society)的进一步发展做出贡献。


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