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Human Resources Development and Labor-Management Relations

Human Resources Development


Based on the conviction that "human resources development is at the heart of every successful business strategy," Sumitomo Riko offers a range of education and training programs, including basic and periodic training, position-specific training, and needs-based training.
In fiscal 2019, for the systematic development of our managers and executives, we continued to hold the Management Cram School for people at the department general manager and section manager levels and the Advanced Management Cram School for higher management such as Executive Officers. These Cram Schools have been conducted since fiscal 2013 and fiscal 2017 respectively. At the managerial staff level, we launched factory manager training, as well as section manager training on the themes of communication and policy management. For professional-track and assistant positions, we planned training for promotees and people currently in those positions, which enabled us to provide training opportunities to a greater range of personnel. For career-track staff positions, with the aim of creating fully independent staff within three years of joining the company, on-the-job training was extended from first-year employees to employees in their first to third years, and regular dialogue was held with trainers and superiors on a company-wide basis. In view of changing needs, we will continue to introduce appropriate human resources development programs in a timely manner.

Number of participants in human resources development programs (FY2019)
ProgramNeeds-based trainingPosition-specific trainingBasic and periodic training Total
Number of participants4041,282701,756

Good Labor-Management Relations

Sumitomo Riko concluded “labor-management declaration” between the company and the labor union in 1987 and announced that we would work on improvement of stability of employees’ life through prosperity of the company with mutual trust and cooperation between labor and management. In the spirit of this declaration, the Labor-Management Committee, covering issues such as working hours, wages, health & safety and welfare, is improving various systems. In addition, in the case that an event such as business reorganization occurs, we will provide sufficient time for explanation and consultation with the labor union. Almost all employees (excluding contract employees, term employees and temporary employees), except for managers, are members of the labor union of Sumitomo Riko. We aim to build stronger labor-management relations in future.