Corporate Citizenship
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Activities of Sumitomo Riko Group Overseas

Developing unique activities as a global company in each country based on the philosophy In overseas offices, Sumitomo Riko is developing activities for each country in line with our corporate philosophy on social contributions and activities policy.

Poland’s SKR-P conducts SDGs-related youth support project, “Let’s Transform the World Together!”


Seeing contributions to the local community as an investment in the future, SumiRiko Poland Sp. z o.o. (SRK-P) has been conducting corporate citizenship activities since 2000 to improve its corporate and public value.
The objective of its “Let’s Transform the World Together!” project is to encourage junior and senior high school students to think about how to inculcate the SDGs in the community and about what they themselves can do to realize that aim, and to foster their ability to plan and execute projects. The students are divided into groups and asked to discuss projects that would contribute to achieving Goals 6, 12, and 13 of the SDGs. The groups then submit a proposal, with the best ones selected to receive financial support from SRK-P for their implementation. In fiscal 2018, SRK-P launched workshops in December for students of three schools in the city of Wolbrom, where SRK-P is located. Five projects were implemented under the program in April 2019. SRK-P has also signed the Partnership Declaration for Realization of SDGs organized by Poland’s Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and participated in government-industry activities for the promotion of the SDGs.

University Scholarship Programs at Group Companies in the US

Both SumiRiko Ohio, Inc. (Former DTR Industries, Inc.)and SumiRiko Tennessee, Inc. (Former DTR Tennessee, Inc.) located in the US established four-year University Scholarship Programs.
SumiRiko Ohio, Inc. and SumiRiko Tennessee, Inc. offer scholarships to approximately 10 outstanding graduates of Bluffton High School and high schools in Greene County and Claiborne County respectively (after screening).

Industry-academia-government Collaboration Promoted by TOKAI


TOKAI RUBBER (JIAXING) Co., Ltd. (TRJ) has been supporting outstanding students studying mechanical automotive engineering at the Tongji Zhejiang College located nearby with their graduation studies and to enhance their employabilities after graduation. In this initiative, prior to graduation, TRJ staff members offer students guidance on practical training and graduation studies. Not only their graduation studies are improved, but also they can gain work experience at the company, which enable them to quickly adapt themselves to the needs of manufacturing following graduation. Thus, this initiative has been beneficial to both the college and TRJ. Going forward, TRJ intends to file an application for an off-campus training venue for students in Zhejiang Province and launch a science and technology project in cooperation with the college to promote industry-academia-government collaboration.