Dialogue with Stakeholders
Employees, Local Communities

Factory Dialogue in Bungotakada

CSR Factory Dialogue in Bungotakada

Cultivating relationships with stakeholders


The Sumitomo Riko Group is promoting CSR activities in order to contribute to society through corporate activities geared to the sustainable development of communities and people around the world. Recognizing that collaboration with the local communities where our sites are located is essential for promoting CSR activeties, we held dialogues with stakeholders at our plants.
The latest dialogue with stakeholders was held at TRI Oita AE (current SumiRiko Oita AE) in Bungotakada City, Oita Prefecture. As two of our other major production sites are also located in Bungotakada, it is particularly significant to hold a dialogue there. With a view to cultivating good relationships with the people of Bungotakada City, the local government, and civic groups through "face-to-face", two-way communication and to develop as a company rooted in the community and indispensable for the community, we held the "Factory Dialogue in Bungotakada".



  • Mr. Itsuro MiuraDirector, Oita Foundation for Cooperative Society


  • Mr. Masahiko OkadaAssociate Professor, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education and University Extension, Oita University
  • Ms. Yumi OgawaGeneral Manager, NPO Anju Maman
  • Mr. Yoshio SatoManaging Director, Bungotakada City Council of Social Welfare
  • Mr. Hirofumi NagamatsuMayor of Bungotakada City
  • Mr. Yoji NodaPresident, Bungotakada Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At the Factory Dialogue, opinions from various standpoints of the local community, academia, and the local government were accumulated. In the dialogue we also received specific proposals and suggestions for greater collaboration with a view to securing a successful future for Bungotakada City. Participants from the Sumitomo Riko Group were Executive Vice President and Representative Director Ozaki, Director and Managing Executive Officer Ohashi, Managing Executive Officer Hisaoka, who represented Sumitomo Riko, and executives of TRI Oita AE, TRI Kyushu, and Tokai Chemical Kyushu.

In their own words

―――Relationships with the Sumitomo Riko Group so far

  • I hope the Sumitomo Riko Group will continue to be part of Bungotakada City. People from the Sumitomo Riko Group are actively participating in the local festival and I appreciate their close collaboration with the local residents.
  • The Sumitomo Riko Group is making a great contribution to the increase in the population of Bungotakada City by offering employment opportunities.
  • The hotel occupancy rate in Bungotakada City is increasing. This is not only due to tourists but also likely because people from the Sumitomo Riko Group come here on business trips. As it has a positive impact on the local economy, I hope they will continue to select accommodation in Bungo takada City.
  • Employees of the Sumitomo Riko Group use childcare support facilities in Bungotakada City. These facilities are venues where local residents make connections and I hope they will continue to use them.

―――Expectations of the Sumitomo Riko Group's contribution to the community

  • Bungotakada City offers many civil society activities that make the most of the beautiful natural surroundings. I hope the Sumitomo Riko Group will take advantage of the countryside for training and other purposes.
  • In addition to events, such as the Rapeseed Flower Festa, the Nagasakibana Resort Camping Site is promoting business capitalizing on local specialties. There may be possibilities for utilizing the Sumitomo Riko Group's expertise in addition to participation in events.
  • Is it possible for the Sumitomo Riko Group to offer internships for university students from the local community? I would like the Sumitomo Riko Group to make the fullest possible use of local human resources.
  • At TRI Kyushu (current SumiRiko Kyushu) work sharing is available for female employees returning to work after childcare leave. I hope employees will make greater use of the childcare support facilities in the city to promote work sharing.
  • Besides childcare, Bungotakada City is also emphasizing support of care of the aged and infirm. I hope more people from the Sumitomo Riko Group will make Bungotakada City their hometown.

To promote creation of a sustainable community through "collaboration"

Through the factory dialogue, we received positive opinions on the desirability of deepening the ties between the Sumitomo Riko Group and the local community. By creating a working environment conducive to greater participation by local people, such as opportunities for student internships and work sharing, the Sumitomo Riko Group will be able to cultivate fruitful relationships with the local community. The dialogue was a great success in that, thanks to the participants' constructive inputs, it helped illuminate a path to the future based on specific collaborative initiatives.

(Performed in June, 2015. Position titles are as of the date on which the dialogue was held)